Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dax Moy Attacked By Snake In Thailand

Ok, maybe not the complete truth...

But it made you look, right? : )

The truth is that poor old 'snakey' was road kill and I thought it would make a good photo opp (Hey, I never said that I was one of those goals people that spends every day in a suit at convention centers did I?)

But there is a reason I wanted to use that pic today and get you to this page.

It's to remind you to put a bit of adventure into your life whenever you can.

Seek out new and unusual experiences.

Try new things.

Add colour to your life in as many weird and wonderful ways that you can WHEN you can.

You see, a great life is one full of stories and those stories come from your experiences, from your adventures.

After all, there's not much of a life story to tell when you say "Woke up at 7, showered, had breakfast, went to work, came home, watched TV , went to bed" is there?

Far more of a story when you say "Yep, I'm the idiot in the picture with a snake in his mouth" or
"Yep that's me by the Pyramids in Egypt"

Or "Yep, that's with the giant Buddha in Thailand"

Yep, life's about your stories.

So go get some!

Pick one new thing to experience this week.

A theatre show, a dance lesson, a parachute jump, a bungee jump, go camping.

You can do ANYTHING you want but just do something you wouldn't normally do.

Get a new story this week and come back here and share it.


Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy


Bryan kavanagh said...


You didn't mention that I found the snake.

Twice :-)


shellypmq said...

Nice snake! I so agree with you! Adventures are so much more fun than sitting around the house or just working all the time. In the last 6 days I have: visited 2 states I've never been to before; spent time in a city I've never seen before; went to a Major League baseball game (hadn't been to one since high school); bought a new puppy; had my picture taken with a famous person I admire; made several new business contacts (while on vacation) . . . Life is for living -- I don't even have a TV . . .

Rosalie said...

After thirty years living in the same apartment since Im married, we just moved to a small home with view. Having a ball going to botanical garden and picking the most colorful flowers, and fruit trees. There's nothing so beautiful as a garden full of fabulous flowers (loved England's lush parks, too) Rosalie

DaxMoy said...

Bryan, you may have found it but did you eat it? ; )

Shelly, great stuff! Now THAT's a lot of new and unusual experience... I LIKE it!

DaxMoy said...

Rosalie, that sounds wonderful!

I love seeing beautiful gardens too : )

GGTania said...

when I saw the picture I thought about the power we have inside of us, bigger than everything else. Life is truly amazing only when we notice amazing things, that's it! Thank you so much for all the Magic Hundred Daily quotes. Since the first one I felt a nearly and sincronicity about the message and me. you see life in a fresh way! And it is transmissible.

Treen said...

Thanks for the reminder, Dax. I've been sitting here at home feeling sorry for myself. But you are right! There is so much to do, see and experience and I've been making too many excuses for too long about things I want to achieve in my life. Time is too precious to waste on the mundane! I do not want to look back any more with regret. I'm going to find me some new things to do, take some risks and have some fun!!!