Tuesday, 23 September 2008

20 Recipes For Failure In ANY Business or Job

One of my new readers, Michael just sent me this in an email and I thought it too good not to share.

After all, if we're looking for success it makes sense to look out for what might serve to trip us up doesn't it?

Check out the list and see if you've any of these failure ingredients and, if you have take action right away to set things right...

1. No Written Goals--
Doesn't know what s/he wants out of life and has no direction.

2. No Commitment--Does not put forth action.

3. Only Interested in Personal Profits--
Doesn't care about helping OTHERS succeed.

4. No Answering Machine or answering service.
Does not make him/herself easily accessible.

Has not taken the time to learn.

6. Doesn't Follow-up on prospects and customers.

7. Gives Up Easily--usually quits within the first 90 days.

8. Gets Discouraged Easily--
Lets small problems and inconveniences stand in his/her way.

9. Lazy--
Wants to reap the rewards of others’ labors without working.

10. Doesn't Handle Complaints from customers.

11. Doesn't Recognize or Acknowledge others’ accomplishments.

12. Doesn't nurture his/her business on a consistent basis.

13. Blames the company, the products, the marketing plan,
lack of support from others, etc. Doesn't realize that if others
can succeed under similar circumstances, s/he can too.

14.Too Impatient--
Wants to make big money too soon. Is not willing to pay the price.

15. Takes "No" Personally--
Doesn't realize that "No" only means not now;
give me a good reason to say "Yes."
Stops calling people the first time s/he hears a "No."

16. Can't Cope with Changes from the company.
Isn't willing to be flexible in thinking.

17. Spends Too Much Time getting organized
and too little time present the program to prospects and customers.

18. Has An Unprofessional Appearance
(the equivalent in online marketing would be a poorly developed
and poorly organized signature line and/or poor spelling).

19. Thinks S/he Knows Everything--
is unwilling to take guidance from others.

20. Doesn't Read or keep up with what is going on in the industry.

Dax Moy

Monday, 22 September 2008

The 5 Golden Rules Of Goal Achievement

It doesn't matter what goals you're pursuing, the rules to getting them are the same.

Watch this simple, short video to see if you're applying the 5 goldens goal getting rules to your goals.

Well, are you using them?

If not, get to it!

There are only 100 days left of 2008 as I write this. Are you going to commit to making them all they can be... or are you going to 'hope' it turns out ok?

Your choice

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

Friday, 19 September 2008

Last 100! Finish Strong!

You know, Monday marks the last 100 days of 2008 and the last chance to complete a FULL MAGIC hundred this year.

I'm hoping that you're still following your MAGIC Hundred plan but if you're not then I hope you'll re-write your goals this weekend and join me and thousands of others who're going to push hard for the finish line for the rest of the year.

You game?

If you are, just post a response below so I can see who's with me and who's going to be taking it easy : )

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

Sunday, 14 September 2008

You Only Get Rewards For 'Done'!

I originally posted this on my personal trainer success blog but I got so many emails about it that I thought I'd post it here too...

Every single day I get emails from my readers asking me to help them with achieving their goals.

"What am I doing wrong?" They ask.

"I'm doing everying I'm being told to do by all the success authors and goals experts!"

"I'm doing my intentioning, my visualisation, my positive thinking...

I'm doing all of it but I still haven't seen any real difference in achieving my goals. What am I doing wrong????"

This kind of question used to baffle me, both personally and as a success coach. I'd think to myself, 'they seem to be doing everything right, what's the problem here?'.

Then, one day when I found myself going through a sticking point with my business and financial goals, I stumbled across the answer and, since I did, I've managed to see not only my own profits explode but those of every student I work with.

The answer?

The focus on 'doing' instead of 'done'.

You see, we all seem get ADD when it comes to our own success. Especially our finances.

We have attention deficit disorder to the degree that we feel that the success we're looking for can only be achieved by doing.

"Do more!" becomes our mantra as we attempt to add to our bottom line.

So we do more.

We start another report... even though the last one isn't finished yet.

We create a second website... even though the first isn't converting yet.

We run another ad series... even though the last one hasn't finished or its effectiveness measured.

(And we do the same with our adventure, relationship, adventure and education goals too)

We do more and more and more.

But doing more doesn't really cut it when it comes to success. We don't get paid for what we're DOING. If we did then most of us would be millionaires by now.

The truth of the matter is, you only get paid for what you've DONE.

Obvious really, but most truths are.

Nonetheless, this is the most critical lesson you'll ever learn about achievement in ANY field of endeavor.

Get stuff done!

It bears repeating; you only get paid for DONE.

It's great having a goals list and I'll be the first to agree that compiling, writing and referring to a list helps us to stay focused, but never lose sight of what the list is for. It's for measuring what we've DONE.

Not what we hope to do.

Not what we intend to do.

Not what we'd like to do.

Not even what we're going to get around to doing.

A goals list is to track what we've DONE.

The moral?

Get stuff done! : )

Don't use 'doing' as an excuse for failing to complete... anything!

Get stuff done and you'll see your life change overnight.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - I made no money, made no impact on people's lives and had no means to leave my mark on the world while I was DOING the writing of The Magic Hundred.

But when it was done.... EVERYTHING changed!

Get it done, my friends!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

MAGIC Hundred Intro Video

As you're aware, the new site launches next week in time for my 21st birthday.

OK, ok, it's my 38th : )

We have a bunch of really great new graphics, book covers and additional reading material added to the program this time round as well, of course, as the re-write of the book itself. (That's been MAJOR for me!)

Anyway, as part of the whole relaunch I had a little MAGIC Hundred video put together.

What do you think?

Drop me a line in the comment box : )

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work Part 2 - Positive Thinking

Yesterday's post about why the law of attraction doesn't work seems to have gotten quite a few people thinking.

Granted, there are only 4 comments on the blog (shame because there were same great posts to me personally) but there were over 200 emails received as a result of the posting so clearly, the subject is getting people really thinking.

What amazed me most is that I expected a lot more 'argument' in support of the popular view of the law of attraction yet I actually received far, far more mail telling me I'd helped people understand how it works and, interestingly, to feel less guilty or like a failure (their words) when they couldn't manifest what the law of attraction had been promising them.

What they DID ask, however, was if the law of attraction had a fatal flaw in it, did that hold true for the other success 'laws'?

Good question, let's find out shall we?

Part Two

I've given over 80 talks about mindset and goal achievement in the last 12 months to groups ranging from 20 to 2000 coming from all walks of life and practically every nation on the planet.

Whenever I begin one of my talks I always lay out the three 'big myths' about achieving your goals and why falling for them can cost you not only your goals but your passion and your happiness too.

Yesterday I covered myths 1 and 2 so today I wanted to cover the myth of positive thinking as I believe that this is probably the most pervasive and negatively impactful myth around achievement and success that most people fall for.

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm a big positive thinker myself focusing upon the possible rather than the impossible, on the can rather than the can't and on the power, possibility and promise of a situation rather than the drain, strain and lack of gain that most people seem to focus on.

But that doesn't mean that I believe positive thinking creates positive results in and of itself.

You see, depite what most people think, positive thinking has very little power to create the end-result you're most looking for whether that's earning more money, getting a better job or living the lifestyle of your dreams. Or anything else for that matter.

Now, if you've read around success literature very much then you'll probably disagree with me on this. I don't blame you, this is how we've been trained to think. This is what we've been told is true by practically every success coach and goal guru for the last 150 years.

But lets think on this a little...

Imagine you're sitting on the road in the middle of the highway.

You've a massive smile on your face and you're thinking happy, positive thoughts as the traffic whizzes by you at 70 miles an hour. You feel pretty good!

You're confident and positive that no harm will befall you.

Question: How long do you think your positive thinking will keep you from harms way?

Another example from Tony Robbins own collection of thoughts on the subject....

You walk out in to your garden and smile and say over and over "There's no weeds, there's no weeds, there's no weeds"

You follow this little ritual on a daily basis for six months or even a year, maintaining a positive attitude to your garden.

What do you think will happen?

Weeds right?

So look, positive thinking isn't the be all and end all of getting what you want.

Yes, it's an important part (after all, negativity certainly doesn't help ANYTHING) but positivity by itself only creates what I call 'Happy Fool Syndrome' where you maintain a smile despite whatever else is going on in your life. Sure, it's a better approach than going through life with a frown but it definitely won't guarantee your success in anything.

You see, positivity is only valuable to the degree that it gets you to take positive ACTION.

If you maintain a smile but don't DO the things that are PROVEN to create success then success simply won't come. It can't!

Only action changes anything, positive thinking doesn't.

So here's the test.

Stop judging your probability for success based upon how positive you're thinking, start judging it only on the actions you took toward making the goal happen; no matter how small.

Eating right and drinking right are far more likely to give you the body and the health you desire than thinking positive about your health alone.

Studying for a new skillset, starting your own business or getting a promotion at work are more likely to help you get the big house on the hill than just thinking positive about your lifestyle.

Thinking positively, on the other hand changes nothing unless it gets you to take action, action, action.

By all means, maintain a sunny, cheery disposition and a 'can do' attitude to life. I'm not knocking it, but make EVERY day a day where you took action on that positivity and things will change more than you'd ever believe.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - If you're still not convinced about what I'm saying here, try this experiment.

Trial 1 -

1. Get a stopwatch and press start.
2. Think about making a cup of tea or coffee.
3. Get your mind to the place where you REALLY want that drink.
4. Think positively about getting your coffee.
5. Wait for the coffee to come and keep the timer running.

Trial 2 -
1. Get a stopwatch and press start.
2. Think about making a cup of tea or coffee.
3. Turn on the kettle and prepare the cups with coffee.
4. When kettle boils, pour water into cup.
5. Drink first sip then hit Stop on stopwatch.

Which was faster?

Action wins, right!

Look, think positive all you want, I highly recommend it, but measure the effectiveness of that positivity only by what you DO as a result of it,

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work Part 1

It's true you know, despite what you've heard, despite what you've
read, despite what all the success guru's have told you, the law of
attraction doesn't work.

I know, I know, it's hard to take in isn't it?

After all, like many people you've probably been pinning all your
hopes on 'attracting' success and happiness and wealth into your
life by thinking positive thoughts, by focusing on what you want
from life and by 'intentioning' the life you want for yourself.

If you're a true believer in the 'Law' of Attraction you've
probably also been practicing gratitude, telling yourself that
'thoughts become things' and reminding yourself as often as you can
that you 'become what you think about'.

In short, you've been doing everything you're 'supposed' to do to
activate the law of attraction but, well, where has it got you?

If you're healthier, wealthier, wiser and happier as a result then
congratulations. You probably don't need to read on any further.
You've obviously found a way to make the law work in your life.

However, if you're like the bulk of people who follow the law of
attraction philosophies and yet are still struggling to find the
happiness, contentment and success you're seeking then read on
because I'm about to reveal the REAL 'secret' to the law of
attraction and show you how you can apply it in your life to
achieve dramatic, often immediate results.

But before I do, let me tell you what the Law of Attraction is NOT,
that way you'll stop wasting your time and energies on things that don't
produce results in your life.

The Law of Attraction is NOT:

You become what you think about.

I know, I know, I'm going against what practically every motivational
and self help guru has been telling us for as long as we can remember.

In fact, I myself believed this until recently and often taught this principle
to anybody and everybody who would listen. But I was wrong.

You DON'T become what you think about at all. If you did then most
teenage boys would turn into pretty young girls!

A silly comparison I know, but no less silly than the idea that we really become
what we think about.

There are many, many things we think about every day and some that we feel strongly and emotionally attached to but we don't become that thing.

What about 'Thoughts become things'? Right or wrong?

Well, in the truest physical and even metaphysical sense, thoughts are made of energy and energy is a 'thing' so I guess it's right, but that's not what most success gurus are talking about. They're telling us that by shaping a thought we can manifest that object into the real world and truly make the thought a thing.

Certainly, true of many things. We have ideas and, once we take action on them they 'manifest' in the sense that we build or create them either with our own hands or in factories.


Not always.

In fact, not even often.

We have thousands of thoughts a day but they don't all turn into something in the way that Law of Attraction supporters tell us they will.


Because, what you think about is only a tiny, tiny portion of attraction.

Thoughts DON'T become things.

Thoughts, if thought often enough and with enough intensity, tend to become feelings... NOT things.

Feelings, if felt often enough and with enough intensity, tend to become emotions... NOT things.

Emotions, if felt often enough and with enough intensity, tend to drive us to take action. (E- Motion!)

And action, no matter how small, if taken consistently, allows you to BE, DO and HAVE.... Things!

It's no surprise that the law of attraction contains the word ACTION. Nor is it a surprising that the word satisfaction contains the word ACTION either (In fact, satisfaction literally means 'enough action')

The real power behind the 'secret' law of attraction is simply getting yourself to think the thoughts and feel the feelings that make you want to take action. You do this by following your dreams and pursuing the goals that you REALLY want to happen rather than those that others tell you are realistic.

In other words, you get them by getting your butt up off the couch and DOING SOMETHING about them rather than thinking about them. Not what most people want to hear, I know, but true nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about another success fallacy and how to stop it from holding you back from your dreams but in the meantime I hope you'll do 2 things.

First, be sure to leave me a comment about this post. I'm sure that many of you have a bunch to say about it and I'd genuinely love to hear from you.

Second, write down, think about and then take action on just 1 goal and write it down here in the blog. Just by doing so you move that tiny bit closer to making it real.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - Before you think I'm a 'doubter' or cynic, let me tell you, I'm studying a masters degree in metaphysics and absolutely love the subjects I'm studying as well as the hundreds of books I've already read on the subject. I just believe that attracting success into your life is about more than positive thinking.If you think so too then you might want to check out www.themagichundred.com and find out how to go from goal SETTING to goal GETTING faster than any positive thinking program ever will.