Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My Creed Video

I received so many emails this morning about my 'Creed' article that I've turned it into a video with music and images for my readers.

I hope it gives you some great ideas for developing your own Creed.

Truth, Joy and love


P.S - Forward this link on to anyone who you think will benefit from it. It's free and I'm hoping it'll serve to motivate and inspire many, many people.



Simon said...

Hey Dax!

Very thought-provoking idea & and video... so much so that I've put down the work I'm doing on my PC and am putting together my own unique 'Creed Statement'& video as we speak!

It links right it with the 'Excellence Strategy' you've talked so much about in the past :)

A little lightbulb has gone off in my head in how to use the mindmovie AND the Excellence Strategy to get me back on track...

Thanks again Dax for sharing the priciples you use yourself :)

Simon Jones

DaxMoy said...

My pleasure Simon, I had such great pleasure putting it together : )

mlm-blogger said...

Jim Rohn once said about Zig Ziglar, "Zigs got some great stuff". Well so does Dax Moy. Awesome.

Mark Hibbitts

DaxMoy said...

Thanks Mark!

I really appreciate it : )

Lady G said...

Beautifully worded and beautiful values. You've inspired me to think about those things that are most important to me, and nice ways to write them. I also feel like I know someone much better, knowing this kind of thing about them. But you can't tell people if you haven't already made it explicit for yourself!


DaxMoy said...

Thanks Lady-G!

I'm glad you liked it : )