Thursday, 2 October 2008

It's Not Too Late

I've gotten a bunch of emails over the last week from
everyone who started the MAGIC Hundred on the 22nd
marking the last 100 days of 2008.

As you'll recall, the idea is to finish the year strong,
push hard, drive onward and upward and, well,
simply achieve more than most people are willing
to believe possible.

Well, we had literally HUNDREDS of new people join the
challenge on the 22nd BUT it appears that lots of people
for whatever reason didn't hear about it.

Not only didn't they hear about it in time, but many people
who have since gone on to find out about it are kicking
themselves because they think it's too late.

Well, look, it's not!

It's not too late to join the program and achieve some
great goals before the end of 2008.

So what if your 100 days overrun the end of the year?

It just means that you get a head start on 2009 right? : )

So look, if you're even considering joining the program, 
then come on and do it.

It's not too late.

You'll still get the program, the audios, the workbooks
the MAGIC Hundred software and the membership 
to the magic hundred club. You won't miss out.

But you WILL speed up your results massively.

I promise you.

Pop on over to and 
join the program today and you'll be sure of a strong
finish to 2008.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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