Tuesday, 23 September 2008

20 Recipes For Failure In ANY Business or Job

One of my new readers, Michael just sent me this in an email and I thought it too good not to share.

After all, if we're looking for success it makes sense to look out for what might serve to trip us up doesn't it?

Check out the list and see if you've any of these failure ingredients and, if you have take action right away to set things right...

1. No Written Goals--
Doesn't know what s/he wants out of life and has no direction.

2. No Commitment--Does not put forth action.

3. Only Interested in Personal Profits--
Doesn't care about helping OTHERS succeed.

4. No Answering Machine or answering service.
Does not make him/herself easily accessible.

Has not taken the time to learn.

6. Doesn't Follow-up on prospects and customers.

7. Gives Up Easily--usually quits within the first 90 days.

8. Gets Discouraged Easily--
Lets small problems and inconveniences stand in his/her way.

9. Lazy--
Wants to reap the rewards of others’ labors without working.

10. Doesn't Handle Complaints from customers.

11. Doesn't Recognize or Acknowledge others’ accomplishments.

12. Doesn't nurture his/her business on a consistent basis.

13. Blames the company, the products, the marketing plan,
lack of support from others, etc. Doesn't realize that if others
can succeed under similar circumstances, s/he can too.

14.Too Impatient--
Wants to make big money too soon. Is not willing to pay the price.

15. Takes "No" Personally--
Doesn't realize that "No" only means not now;
give me a good reason to say "Yes."
Stops calling people the first time s/he hears a "No."

16. Can't Cope with Changes from the company.
Isn't willing to be flexible in thinking.

17. Spends Too Much Time getting organized
and too little time present the program to prospects and customers.

18. Has An Unprofessional Appearance
(the equivalent in online marketing would be a poorly developed
and poorly organized signature line and/or poor spelling).

19. Thinks S/he Knows Everything--
is unwilling to take guidance from others.

20. Doesn't Read or keep up with what is going on in the industry.

Dax Moy

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