Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Get Up! Your Goals Are Waiting For You...

Sometimes staying positive is tough.

Sometimes, when you see your dreams fall apart at the seams it feels like nothing you could ever do, nothing you could ever say, nothing you could ever think will ever make a difference.

Sometimes, when you fall down it feels so damned hard to get back up again. It feels easier to stay where you are.

To quit.

To admit defeat.

Yet quitting achieves only one thing; the death of your dreams.

The CERTAIN death of your dreams!

It's only the act of getting up when you fall that keeps your dreams alive and, eventually, brings them to reality.

So get up!

Watch this video that my good friend Susan Hill send me recently and when you do, promise me you'll NEVER think of quitting again....


The good stuff's on its way!

Truth, joy and love


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Guy Jones said...

What a bloke! It brought an honest tear of joy to my eye. And after 17 years as an Infantryman in the British army thats somthing I am now truly grateful for. Because not so many years ago the only emotion I usually felt was rage. Thanks man for bringing this to my attention.

Your Friend

Guy Jones

Ann said...

Talk about bringing tears to your eyes - as much from his indomitable spirit and the clear way God is using this for His glory - but also from shame - what do I really have to feel is impossible for me - NOTHING! Thanks for sharing this - it's beyond powerful.