Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Here's An Excuse... Pick one!

***ADVANCE WARNING!**************
Don't Read If You're Easy To Offend...
(and don't say I didn't warn you!)

It's not hard to live a live of boredom, drudgery and feeling like you're never going to accomplish your dreams.

In fact, it's damned easy.

Just pick an excuse (or call it a 'reason' if you like) from the 'done for you' list below:

"I'm too young!"

"I'm too old!"

"I'm too tall!"

"I'm too short!"

"I'm too fat!"

"I'm too thin!"

"I'm undereducated!"

"I'm OVER educated!"

"I'm a man!"

"I'm a woman!"

"My family didn't give me enough!"

"My family gave me too much!"

"I'm black!"

"I'm white!"

"I'm Asian!"

"I'm gay!"

"I'm hetero!"

"I don't have enough experience for this!"

"I'm too experienced for this!"

"I don't have enough time!"

"I don't have enough money!"

"I have a disability!"

"I have a disease!"

Or add your own, it's all the same to me....

...because NONE of it is true!

In fact, you can pick any combination of any 5 or more factors TOGETHER and it still doesn't make make it any truer.

Go on, try it.

Put together a combination of 5 factors that you THINK describe you.

For example, a short, thin, undereducated Asian woman with no education, no money and a disability (please don't send me emails about my selection, I randomly selected each of the excuses).

Now, tell me this; has there EVER been another person with these qualities that has gone on to achieve what you want to achieve?

If yes then your excuses are 100% unfounded and you need to let them go (or, of course, keep them and keep your life as it is now) because the truth is, what one person can achieve, ANYONE can. Just because you haven't YET doesn't mean you can't.

If there hasn't ever been another person who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, that still doesn't let you off the hook, you know!

You can always make the decision TODAY to be the first.

SOMEONE has to be the first at everything, right? Why not you?

Bottom line?

You have no REASONS not to have what you want from life. Those 'reasons' you think you have are just excuses that are costing you your happiness.

Only you can change this.

Only you can give up your excuses.

So give 'em up today.

I dare ya! : )

Dax Moy

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Daniel Iversen said...

Right on the money, Dax. My favorite one is "I don't have time". Oh of course. But all that time sitting and moaning could be spent moving forward...even if it is just 5 minutes per day.

I tell people to drop their excuses like "a hot coal". Just drop it and move on.

Cheers to a great post.

Daniel Iversen

habiba said...

GREAT post, Dax!!! Thanks for the direct and clear articulation. I'll be sharing this one with my team!


Ann said...

Too true!!! No "excuse" is good enough. Either you do it or you don't. Simple as that. Great reminder and encouragement to stop complaining about it and just take a step forward.

sammys said...

Make excuses or DO IT ! both are opposite poles i choose DO IT!

Dave Elcoate said...

Nice one again Dax, I think we all have potential excuses that crop up from time to time, the trick is not to let them take over.

like Nike say, "just do it."

Speaking of Nike if you want to see a great video from Nike about no excuses then click HERE


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