Wednesday, 30 April 2008

What's YOUR Song?

One of my clients is a musician.

A very well known musician.

His face has adorned the cover of practically every popular magazine, his music is known worldwide and the band he's part of is one of the most successful in the world in terms of popularity, longevity and record sales.

He's definitely 'there' as far as realising his boyhood dreams of making it big in the music world, for sure.

Yesterday I was asking him about the success that he and his fellow band-mates had achieved and what, if anything, had been the turning point. That point at which they knew they were going to make it.

His answer was amazingly simple and straightforward.

He said, there hadn't been a 'turning point' as such, there was just a lot of putting one foot in front of the other and taking the steps necessary to reach their goal of stardom.

Sounds a bit vague right?

That's what I thought... at first.

But then I asked, "what were those steps?" and I got the following reply.

1. We knew we wanted to make a difference so we kept that uppermost in our minds at all times... especially when things got tough.

2. We knew we wanted to be more than just another band so we did things differently from the start rather than playing the copycat game. We practically created our own genre of music and that helped us stand out from the crowd.

3. We knew that we were entering perhaps the most competitive industry on the planet and so we'd have to commit to being the very best we could be every time we went onstage or into the recording studio.

4. We knew that the rewards would not be immediate but that if we committed to the other steps, they WOULD come.

5. We KNEW we would make it!

Amazing huh?

I mean, becoming a multi platinum selling band and known around the world has GOT to be tougher than many of the goals we've set for ourselves, right?

In fact, considering the attrition rates of rock-star wannabe's, making a measly hundred grand, writing a book, travelling the world or getting rid of 20lbs should be one of the simplest things in the world.

Especially if you were paying attention to the success lesson that my clients' answers provided!

You were paying attention weren't you?

If not, here it is again.

1. Make a difference to the lives of those you're 'performing' for.

Yes, your job, your relationships, your friendships and how you live your life are just as much a performance as playing an instrument or acting onstage. If you know your part well and you're truly committed to serving your 'audience' with the best possible service you're capable of, then you're halfway there!

2. Be unique right from the start.

Forget copycatting and trying to be like everyone else. People aren't interested in just another 'me-too' version of someone else, but they could be VERY interested in you... if you make yourself interesting.

Create a Unique Identity or 'brand' around yourself that differentiates you from everyone else and you're immediately in the spotlight.

3. Commit to being the best that you can be.

Gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to become a true professional in your field. Commit to excellence in all things that you do and ensure that your excellence shines through clear enough that you stand out from others. (Become outstanding!)

4. Be persistent in your actions.

Take consistent and persistent action toward achieving your goals. Even the tiniest step is still a step that will progress you in the direction of your dreams of success. Thinking about what you could do changes nothing.


5. Have faith and belief in yourself and your dreams of success.

It's been said that faith is the belief in something you cannot prove, yet it has a funny way of delivering proof if you believe for long enough.

Don't just wish, hope and dream of success. KNOW that it's on its way!

If this formula can work to create fame, fortune and world-wide recognition for a musician, just think what it'll do for YOUR life!

Truth, Joy and Love

Dax Moy

P.S - Everyone has a song inside them. That 'thing' they were put here to do.

Finding the song and singing it with all your might is the true key to lasting success.

What's YOUR song?

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Anonymous said...

This is a very good article. I'm currently reading a book on the law of attraction and they teach similar lessons... the one I've retained is: take control of you life. Simply!

Don't let people or events direct your life. Take the reins and bring you life where you want it to be.

I guess this is what these guys did.