Thursday, 1 May 2008

The American Idol Success Strategy

Yesterday I told you about one of my clients who's a world-famous musician and what he told me about how he and his band 'made it'.

I got some great email comments about that post so I thought I'd tell you about another of my clients (also a celebrity) who beat the odds and and made a career, a life and a ton of money by following her dreams... and taking action on them.

My client went through audition after audition for the UK show 'Pop Idol' which is the sister show to American Idol over there in the states.

Her amazing voice, passion for her music and obvious love of performing quickly won over the judges in the early stages and she eventually made it to the televised stages of the show.

All good so far, right?

Now, if it had come down to passion, performance and skill as a singer alone then she was always the clear choice for the winner's spot as she had those areas down to a tee but there was a fly in the ointment.

Quite a big fly in fact.

You see, the trouble with most of the music and television industry is that they tend to go for a 'certain look' and, well, no two ways about it, my client didn't have that look.

In fact, by her own admission, she was far, far from that look.

She was over 200lbs heavier than that look!

Every week she'd have to read newspapers and trashy magazines putting her down saying "She's got a great voice but no-one who looks like THAT will ever win a show like this!"

Every week she'd take the stage and perform in front of a live audience and a TV viewing audience of MILLIONS who, whilst rooting for her on the one hand, were writing her off on the other with statements like "Well, she's done well to get this far but I can't see her getting any further"

And every week... she proved them all wrong!

Week after week, despite the 'negative support' ("You should be really happy to have got this far, but don't expect more") she was standing on the stage at the end of the show whilst others who, by appearances at least, seemed more likely to win were sent packing.

Come the final, people were still saying "she's good but..." and, despite what she'd already accomplished, were as certain as certain could be that she couldn't possibly win.

They were wrong.

Dead wrong.

Despite everyone telling her to 'be realistic', or 'be happy with with what you've accomplished' or even 'you'll never make it' (and an even more vicious beating up in the national press), this powerful, passionate and purposeful singer went ahead and achieved 'the impossible'.

She won!

Later, when I started working with her for a TV show we were filming together, I had the opportunity to ask her why she thought that she succeeded where everyone thought she would fail.

She told me "My belief in me was stronger than the doubt of others. Besides, most of those who were putting me down never even had the courage to apply for the show, let alone get up there on the stage and show the world what they were capable of. Just by being there I was already a winner..."

Four things stand out to me most.

First, she put herself forward, not for the thing that seemed 'logical', or 'do-able', or 'sensible' but for what she wanted most of all and, because of this, she invoked the power and the passion to accomplish her hearts desire.

Second, she took massive action and got 'into the arena' rather than sitting on the outside 'thinking about it' like most people tend to do. This immediate, massive and persistent commitment to pursuing her dream was a huge part of making it happen.

Third, she believed in herself fiercely. More than this, she refused to accept the judgement of others as to what was possible or not. In doing so, she made what she wanted far more important than what others thought and freed herself from the bonds of others (we could all do with learning this valuable skill).

Fourth, she provided a valuable service to millions of people, not only through the gift of her voice but through the hopes and dreams she rekindled by pursuing and finally winning her prize.

Imagine what would happen if you took and applied these four 'American Idol' steps to your goals and dreams.

Imagine if you focused on what you most wanted to be, do and have in your life rather than limiting yourself to what others say is logical or possible.

Imagine if you took immediate, massive and consistent action to bring that 'silly idea' of yours to life.

Imagine if you could learn to believe in yourself so much that you pursued your goal regardless of the judgements of others.

Imagine if your dream was based upon providing an amazing service to others and rekindled their hopes and dreams.


Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - A big part of winning the game is getting onto the field where the game's being played!

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