Saturday, 31 May 2008

George Sampson - The Dancing Version Of Rocky!

Tonight was the final of the TV show 'Britain's Got talent' where, against all the odds, 14 year old George Sampson beat an amazing array of talented singers, musicians and dancers to walk away with the £100,000 prize as well as the coveted 'spotlight' where he gets to play live in front of Prince Charles at the Royal Variety Performance.

Now, George is a fantastic dancer, no doubt, but that's not the only thing making him worthy of mention to my readers.

What has really caught my eye (and the eye of the judges, of course) is that this young fellow exhibited a quality of commitment and perseverance that that is rare in most adults, let alone 14 year old boys.

George was a contestant on last years show and 'failed' in as much as he didn't get through to the final.

Yet he didn't quit.

He knew what he wanted and, although he'd already been knocked down once, he got back up, got back into the ring and gave his best yet again.

He had no guarantee that he'd do any better than last time.

He had no evidence to suggest that he'd even get through the preliminaries, let alone all the way to the finals.

But he did.

He went further.

He won!

That's why Simon Cowell called this remarkable young man 'The Dancing Version Of Rocky', because even though he'd been hit hard and knocked down, he didn't quit like most people would. He got up. He went forward and he put forward all he had.

What a different life most of us would lead if we all had the courage and determination of this amazing 14 year old boy huh?

Worth thinking about!

Truth, joy and love


P.S - George Sampson doesn't come from a 'priviledged' background. He doesn't have any 'breaks' that made success any easier.

He just committed to getting up every time he got knocked down and that made all the difference....

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G-unit said...

WoW! Awesome, what an inspiration, the great thing is my name's George too....go the George's of the world...hahaha!