Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Thomas Edison's Success Formula

You know, I used to think that in order to become successful that I had to create unique ideas that no-one, not anothersoul on the planet had had and then do my best to market them before others had their own 'unique' ideas that were the same as mine (think about that for a second)

I used to think that if someone took one of my ideas and used it tomake money then they were somehow stealing something from me and weakening my position so that my own success would falter and that if I did the same with theirs that this somehow made ME a thief.

I used to think "I can't do that, it's already been done... I've missed the boat on this" and quit projects that I'd been passionate about because someone 'beat' me to bringing it to market.

I used to.

But not anymore.

Now I realise that no idea is truly unique but that each of us hasa unique way of applying (or failing to apply) our ideas to ourlives. Because of this, there is more than enough room forEVERY idea any of us ever have.

If this wan't the case then there would only ever be one of anytype of commodity or item in the world.

One type of car.
One type of TV.
One type of washing machine.
One type of [Insert what YOU do here]

But there's not is there?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of each of these things.

Why not one more?

Now I realise that every person who came before me and everyone who
follows gets an equal share of all the information and ideas of allthe generations who precede them. It doesn't make sense NOT to use

You wouldn't dismiss reading because someone else 'invented' it
would you?

You wouldn't rid your home of electricity because someone else beat
you to it?

You wouldn't pass up medical help because you had no hand in the
founding of medical knowledge, right?

So what if what you want to do is already in existence? If you want
to do it, and do it your way then do it!

Life isn't like school.

There's no teacher who's going to mark you down for copying the kid
next to you.

Copy all you want.... then improve.

Now I realise that Thomas Edison's formula for success is the
fastest, surest way to guarantee that you get what you want from

"...start where the last man left off."

See, you really don't have to re-invent the wheel. In fact, that's

just not smart.

It's wasteful.


You CAN paint the wheel the colour your want it.
You CAN use different materials.
You CAN make it bigger or smaller, wider or narrower.

You CAN.

So, if it feels like success has been eluding you and that your'unique' ideas never seem to go anywhere or that others 'beat youto it' before you get the rewards, then try Edison's approach.

Start where the last person left off and add your signature to an
existing success.

Try it today!

Dax Moy

P.S - It's always easier to improve on someone elses idea thanstart from scratch. That doesn't mean that the improvement isn'tjust as valuable (or more so) than the 'original' idea. The ideayou improve upon may change millions of lives whilst the one youinsist upon being original may never see the light of day... worththinking about!

My MAGIC Hundred program is based upon ideas that came from the work of those before me and has made me pretty wealthy by most people'sstandards whilst at the same time improving the lives of everyone who uses it...


Sharyn said...

Hi Dax
I like the way you think. I very much believe in "not reinventing the wheel" and starting "where the other man left off" so I can relate really well to what you are saying here.
It's something I find really stupid in politics. When the "other" party presents a policy or idea that is similar to one that the "first" party has proposed and is then accused of "stealing our policy"!! I always find it so petty that they can't, or don't want to appreciate that someone else can think the same way about something....even if they are on "the other side".
Thank goodness for sites and comments such as yours where we can agree and appreciate similar lines of thought!!

DaxMoy said...

Thanks Shazan!

I agree with you 100%. After all,'there's nothing new under the sun' right?


Happy said...

Hi Dax,
I used to have that fear too. But when the rush of creativity comes forth the way niagra falls is moved by sheer gravity the experience is too delicious to hold back. Taking this risk to share what my spirit wants to bring to the "show and tell" of life is the best thing I ever did.
Live Bold Love Big!
Debbie Happy Cohen

paula said...

Hi Dax

Thank you so much for the message. I think that I have been thinking that way all along and never even realized it. Your examples were priceless and really opened up my eyes. Why of course there are a million different cars, tvs, radios, stereos, clothes etc etc. A big duhhhh to me thanks so much for helping me see that. I guess I always felt like I couldn't have the same idea as someone else who would listen to me that type of thinking. Well NO MORE OF THAT.

Thanks again - You are Great

Paula Strauss

aoday said...

Hey Dax
I couldn't agree more! Creativity has no limits, only those that we set.
There were those who were developing similar ideas/inventions to Edison at more or less the same time in history.
Thomas Edison met with success not because he was the only one to have the idea but because he refused to give up. He persevered through hundreds of failed attempts. Each time improving his ideas.
One of my (never ending) goals is to condition myself to always look for solutions, instead of just seeing the problem. AND surrounding myself with like minded people.
That of course, is not always easy. But when I am successful at following through on it 'my' ideas always benefit and my creativity continues to expand, generating other new ideas.
Thanks, it is always good to share with like minded people!

Karla said...

Hi Dax - I was flabbergasted to see you comment on my blog when I JUST bought the program this morning! I even forgot I had signed up to be an affiliate a few weeks ago (not ready to recommend yet until I had tried it, which I didn't get to until today!) and I bought it through a friend's link! Thank you for stopping by my blog - I am excited to harness and focus my already on fire energy to create and achieve even more goals in my life! Thanks!