Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dax Moy To Meet The Queen!

You know, since I first created The MAGIC Hundred I've been amazed at the power of my 'little goal achievement program' and both the speed and the size of the goals I've managed to accomplish over the years.

As I explain in the program, I went from a struggling £5 an hour gym instructor to a published author, journalist, TV fitness celebrity, gym owner, international speaker and the highest paid fitness professional in the UK.

I've been to the Amazon, the Australian Outback, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome and, well, too many great places to mention.

I've free falled over the Great Barrier Reef, Swam in Crocodile and Pirhana infested rivers, scuba dived with giant Manta Ray in the Red Sea and even survived the Tsunami with my family in Thailand (we were walking onto the beach as the wave came in!).

I've worked with A-List actors, world-ranked athletes, Best-Selling authors and multi-platinum selling pop and rock stars.

Yep, I've done a lot over the last few years and every single thing I've done can trace its roots back to the specific goals I've set as part of The MAGIC Hundred system I've been so fortunate to have been part of over these last few years.

Yet despite all of these successes there are still times when you feel the need to 'test' the system a little with something so specific, so 'out there' that you could never have predicted or expected it to happen.

So, in my most recent MAGIC Hundred I chose to set a goal that would truly test the program.

I wrote that I wanted to meet The Queen.

Just a little goal, right? : )

Well, it's funny how these things come together.

As soon as I decided to set this as a goal, I mentioned it to a few people and 'stuff' started to happen.

What kind of stuff?

The kind where, yesterday a letter arrived saying... "The Chief Of The General Staff Invites Mr Dax Moy to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace...." (The rest of the details and dates witheld for security).

It ssems that this year marks the Centenary of the Territorial Army and, as a former soldier and friend to someone who is currently serving, I've made the shorlist of guests.

So, I'm going to meet the Queen!

The MAGIC Hundred strikes again!

Once again proving that there's a mighty big difference between goal-setting and goal-getting.

If the program can help me write books, get on TV, meet and work with famous people, travel the world and meet someone as far outside of the normal worlds that most of us inhabit as you can possibly imagine (after all, how many people do YOU know who can personally introduce you to the Queen?) then it can pretty much do anything right?

So set your goals the MAGIC Hundred way today.

Set 'em big.

Then take the actions laid out in the program and bring 'em to life.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

BTW - I'm planning some pretty big things for my next round of MAGIC Hundred goals. Some which will make meeting the Queen like pretty simple stuff...


Pat Rigsby said...

Dax, as usual - you never cease to amaze me. Keep up the good work buddy!

DaxMoy said...

Thanks Pat!

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms said...

Dax, congratulations! I'm just shaking my head in amazement.

Great job, and hello to your family!

Jeremy Nelms

P.S. You can hear Dax talk more about this at, starting the beginning of July!