Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dax Moy Booked On Oprah!

Well, not just yet but with your help, I WILL be... and within the next 100 days!

(That means that in order for me to accomplish this as a Magic Hundred Goal it'll have to be completed by 7th October 2008)

See, after yesterday's post about being invited to meet the Queen I was sitting around thinking "Who else would I really like to meet? Who could really help me spread the message about achieving great success with their goals and dreams?"

Then I thought... "OPRAH!" and with that, my mad plan to get on Oprah was born : )

And I need YOUR help to accomplish this very, very, VERY tough goal within the next 100 days. (Do you know how hard it is to get on the show?)

I need you to visit this link and explain why you think that the MAGIC Hundred would be a great story for the viewers of the show.

It doesn't have to be an essay or anything but ANYTHING you can say to show the potency of the MAGIC Hundred approach (like how it's helped you or how different it is to other methods you've tried) will help make my goal a reality.

What's in it for you?

Well, there's a kind of unwritten rule that says that whenever you ask a person to do something for you, you should always make it clear what's in it for them.

In this case, I can't truly say that there will be anything in it for you.

There are no free gifts, no 'bonus' downloads, no money-off vouchers and such. Partly because I don't want 'bribery' to be the reason I get on the show and partly because I feel it would cheapen what I'm trying to do here.

So I guess there's NOTHING in it for you to help me.

But I hope you will.

I hope you have felt in some way touched by the MAGIC Hundred and see the true value in it not only for yourself but for those who have yet to learn that there's a better way to get the things you want from life.

If you do then please pop on over and tell Oprah's editorial team all about it at

It'll only take you around a minute but will make a huge difference not only to myself but to all those people who've never even heard about the program.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dax Moy

P.S - If you DO petition Oprah then please leave a comment here on the blog so that I can figure out how many of you are involved in the 'totally unrealistic' and crazy goal of mine : )

P.P.S - You wouldn't believe how many of the things I've already accomplished have been totally unrealistic and crazy!


Andy Wallis said...

Hi Dax

JUst a quick note to let you know that I ahve posted a request for the Magic Hundred on Oprah's site.

Thanks again for all the great advice you gave me when I popped down to London earlier this month.

Andy Wallis

DaxMoy said...

Thanks Andy!

Adrian Simpson said...

Hey Dax

In for a penny in for a pound. If you have tought us anything at all, its the power of that wonderful saying "its in giving that we receive". A small gift for you is more than enough reward.

with you all the way

Adrian Simpson

Paul said...

Hi Dax

Just filled in Oprah's form for you. It is the least I could do.

We can all achieve more when we help others.

Paul Cavanagh

Anonymous said...

Hey Dax. I support you man. I left a comment for the Oprah producers and I look forward to hearing that you are booked within the next hundred days.

Keep pushin!!!

briarmunro said...

Hi Dax,

Just wanted to let you know that I have sent a message to Oprah for you. Here it is...

I am writing to suggest having Dax Moy on your show. He is an amazing guy that developed a program called The Magic Hundred. I am a personal trainer in Toronto, Otario and Dax's program has not only helped me achieve amazing things in my life, but has inspired me to get my clients involved as well. The main idea is that you set 100 goals to be achieved within 100 days. It sounds imposible, but boy does it work once you get yourself going! I think it would be a great show and really inspired the viewers around the world to achieve amazing results in their lives.

Thanks so much Dax for all you do, you are an amazing guy and very respected among personal trainers all around the world!


Kadi said...

just did it
because i simply *love* your audios

mlm-blogger said...

I did it too Dax. I've had so much from you in the past and it will always outweigh what I can give you back. What's great is I know you're 100% ok with that.


Mark Hibbitts

DaxMoy said...

Thank you so much guys, all of you!

I really appreciate all of your help : )

Marylin said...

I have just posted a request for the Magic Hundred on Oprah's site for you. It's the least I can do for you. Let me know if anything else is needed.

See you on Oprah!!

Marylin Sanchez
Coconut Grove, FL

Muriel said...

Hi Dax
Great to see you last week, I hope the concert was fun. I've just emailed Oprah's site suggesting they invite you to talk about the Magic 100.

Hope they get in touch
Best wishes

Sharyn said...

Hi Dax
Another quick note to let you know that I am just about to post a request on the Oprah site for The Magic 100 to be featured on the show.
I am also looking forward to receiving the daily quotes again for the next 100 days.
Cheers for now!!


Sallie said...

Consider it done!

Sara Moore

Margot Faircloth said...

I have posted the note to Oprah. I look forward to seeing you on the show. When you get the word I would love to be in the audience. I am going to be spending a lot of time in Chicago in the next few weeks..

Can't wait to see the show.

Margot Faircloth ( a LGNC member)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dax

ever thought of converting The Magic 100 into a software program/game?

Something on the line of project manager so you can track your progress over time on your different goals, and maybe that you can link into your agenda, along with graphics for the all important photos?

Kudos to you and all the best with your endeavours.

The program has changed my life. Can't say thanks enough.

Sarah Walsh

Mireille Ryan said...

Hi Dax,

I wanted to let you know that I think your Magic Hundred program is excellent.

I am a Personal Trainer in Australia and have started encouraging my clients to join The Magic Hundred.

Also, I have just sent an email to Oprah to encourage her producers to get you on the show.

Thank you Dax and I look forward to any other programs you do in the future.

Mireille Ryan

cat said...

yup - done it! I am constantly stunned at your generosity and love the programme myself.It the least we can do. Having read more about your tough background today(in your proposed updates to the magic 100), I really believe this would resonate with the great lady herself too. She'd love you.