Friday, 19 September 2008

Last 100! Finish Strong!

You know, Monday marks the last 100 days of 2008 and the last chance to complete a FULL MAGIC hundred this year.

I'm hoping that you're still following your MAGIC Hundred plan but if you're not then I hope you'll re-write your goals this weekend and join me and thousands of others who're going to push hard for the finish line for the rest of the year.

You game?

If you are, just post a response below so I can see who's with me and who's going to be taking it easy : )

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy


Cindy A said...

Hi Dax, I'm afraid I need to start over with my Magic 100. Please add me to your list. Thanks, Cindy

Margot Faircloth said...

I ordered the program and spent a long time on flights putting my goals on paper. This afternoon I figured out how to access the software. Since I work with Computers all the time I really like automating the process. Thanks for the opportunity. One of my goals is to get onboard with my weight loss. Your timing is excellent.

Margot said...

I'm in with many thanks for this renewed opportunity to refocus on my goals.
Have a wonder full day,

Waleed I. Sarwani said...

Sure, sign me up. I must admit that I struggled a bit the first time around (not organized, too much stress in my life) but was going to give the program another shot in any case before your invitation.

I look forward to the new book!


Cris said...

Hi Dax, I'm on it! Almost 50 goals complete!!!

Tim said...

I'm in Dax

Got big stuff in pipeline that needs to get DONE.

And after a week in the US around some fitness professionals I have monster inspiration to get there.

Later buddy

Personal Trainer Luxembourg

dawn said...

Yes I need to re focus , glad of the opportunity Dax - thanks

RuthieB said...

OK, count me in for the second time.
First time was inspiring and set a pattern for having the confidence to do achive goals.
Great Stuff looking forward to the challenge.

Roxy said...

Hi Dax. I'm ready to start the magic 100. So sign me up. Look forward to working with you.
Thanks, Roxy

Pei-Fung said...

I have several goals to accomplish by the end of the year. Good to have a support system. Count me in.

Marylin said...

Hi, Dax:

I'm in. I am determined to make the last 100 days of this year the best ever. My aim is to hit all 100 goals. Thanks a lot Dax.

Marylin Sanchez
Coconut Grove, FL

Catherine said...

You bet Dax, sign me up. I've completed 33 goals so far, and I've got some big ones that I'm determined to reel in. Happy birthday too!

Denzil Bentley said...

Joining you on the last 100 days of 2008.

This time I need to get some completions in the bag early.



Wanna said...

Count me in!

Michael said...

Count me in Dax. Got some serious changes to make!

Al said...

Hey Dax,
A little late but all my lists are done and my power questions written - I'M IN!!

RobN said...

Hey Dax

Just got back from a safari into deepest Africa. Hope I am not to late.

Promised copy new book not received yet