Sunday, 14 September 2008

You Only Get Rewards For 'Done'!

I originally posted this on my personal trainer success blog but I got so many emails about it that I thought I'd post it here too...

Every single day I get emails from my readers asking me to help them with achieving their goals.

"What am I doing wrong?" They ask.

"I'm doing everying I'm being told to do by all the success authors and goals experts!"

"I'm doing my intentioning, my visualisation, my positive thinking...

I'm doing all of it but I still haven't seen any real difference in achieving my goals. What am I doing wrong????"

This kind of question used to baffle me, both personally and as a success coach. I'd think to myself, 'they seem to be doing everything right, what's the problem here?'.

Then, one day when I found myself going through a sticking point with my business and financial goals, I stumbled across the answer and, since I did, I've managed to see not only my own profits explode but those of every student I work with.

The answer?

The focus on 'doing' instead of 'done'.

You see, we all seem get ADD when it comes to our own success. Especially our finances.

We have attention deficit disorder to the degree that we feel that the success we're looking for can only be achieved by doing.

"Do more!" becomes our mantra as we attempt to add to our bottom line.

So we do more.

We start another report... even though the last one isn't finished yet.

We create a second website... even though the first isn't converting yet.

We run another ad series... even though the last one hasn't finished or its effectiveness measured.

(And we do the same with our adventure, relationship, adventure and education goals too)

We do more and more and more.

But doing more doesn't really cut it when it comes to success. We don't get paid for what we're DOING. If we did then most of us would be millionaires by now.

The truth of the matter is, you only get paid for what you've DONE.

Obvious really, but most truths are.

Nonetheless, this is the most critical lesson you'll ever learn about achievement in ANY field of endeavor.

Get stuff done!

It bears repeating; you only get paid for DONE.

It's great having a goals list and I'll be the first to agree that compiling, writing and referring to a list helps us to stay focused, but never lose sight of what the list is for. It's for measuring what we've DONE.

Not what we hope to do.

Not what we intend to do.

Not what we'd like to do.

Not even what we're going to get around to doing.

A goals list is to track what we've DONE.

The moral?

Get stuff done! : )

Don't use 'doing' as an excuse for failing to complete... anything!

Get stuff done and you'll see your life change overnight.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - I made no money, made no impact on people's lives and had no means to leave my mark on the world while I was DOING the writing of The Magic Hundred.

But when it was done.... EVERYTHING changed!

Get it done, my friends!

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