Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Creed Review... and a challenge!

Last year I published my personal creed. The rules I try to live my life by, my beliefs, my aspirations. The standards I try to uphold for myself in all things at all times.

Of course, I often fail to reach my standards.

I get upset.

I get angry.

I think ill of people or judge them.

If we're honest, we all do, right?

But my creed is what I use to measure how far off track I am and, ultimately, what will quickly and surely bring me back into line with my purpose, vision and goals.

I've taught the personal creed exercise to hundreds of people and all of them have agreed that having and referring to their creed statements on a regular basis has made a HUGE difference in their lives.

I've placed mine below again for your review but also added a few others from friends of mine who have completed the process too.

Use them to give you inspiration to create your own.

A video would be great as you can put your own music to it and even use it as a form of meditation/inspiration, but a written one works well too.

Create your creed statement today and I promise you you'll start to see some very real success manifest in your life... and fast!

Give it a go!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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Kathryn Watson said...

Beautiful! Inspiring! Delightful.

Thank you for your gift!