Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ask Your Questions!

I've a question for you.

If you could ask me anything you wanted to know about
achieving your goals, no matter how big or small, what would
you ask?

What if you could ask me any TWO questions... On ANYTHING related
to the success you most dream of?

That's what I'm offering all of my readers today.

Just post your 2 questions about goal achievement or success in the comments section below and I'll do my best to answer them in the coming days.

Gon on, post away! : )

Dax Moy

P.S - If I get a lot of similar questions I'll host a series of
free teleseminars to answer them... so get asking! : )


Austin Lawrence said...

My biggest problem is I get an initial massive hit of motivation for the 1st month of the Magic 100, the next month I I go AWOL on my goals and then the last month bang I'm back on but playing catch up. I still do about 40 of the goals but it's that middle month where I come unstuck.

The Rocks Edge said...

I would like to know how to set and achieve two (I wish) simple things. How do I go about having enough money (not overly rich) to live comfortably and also to attract a lady who will love me. I should say I am 58 years old.

Bryan1524 said...

1. How do I stay focused on the one goal all the way through to completion and not get distracted?
2. How do I avoid procrastination?

Anonymous said...

1. I know my passion and it drives me to action daily. How can I help others find theirs?

2. As a trainer, how can I stay focused on what works for clients without getting sidetracked my the ridiculous amount of training e-books?

Rosalie said...

Loved the video-content, presentation and music. How do you deal with emotional lows to get you back on track? After your Dickensian childhood, how were you able to put it behind you? Your average person would be going for therapy forever to overcome such stress and pain.

Muriel said...

Hi Dax
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Thanks for your help. Hope you are well

Jacqui said...

How can i reach my goals when i have life getting in the way- a husband, 2 children and a full time job?

Jacqui said...

Hi how do i reach my goals when life/responsibilities get in the way- Husband,2 children and a full time job.

Mike Cheliak said...

Mine is not a question of motivation but I do have questions about how many goals we need to establish. I didn't come up with 100 goals as was suggested. I can see my next magic hundred having more as I reach new levels in my business and personal life.

Do you have to have 100 goals?

My second question is goal related as well. Many of my goals are not "daily" but are rather habitual (IE, drink 3L of water, eat clean, follow the excercise program, keep office clean...). Although they are done daily, I would call them more of an adherance than a daily goal. That being the case, some days I don't have 3 things to create as goals for the day.

Do the little things count as daily Power question goals.

Long winded...aren't I!

Lucie said...

Thanks for offering your help:

Q 1:

How to learn to keep non- sport related stress( problems with families, depressed partners, very moody coach etc.) from interfering with my practice/competition stress?

Q 2:

How to effectively over come self-indulgence?

Thank YOU!

David said...


My biggest problem is believing change is possible and that all the positive words have real substance. I'm in my 50s and have been through a lot. When in my late teens I got hooked on motivational books and have read lots of them: Napoleon Hill, Zig Zigler, Brian Tracy, etc etc etc. I did Tony Robbins 30 day Personal Power program, etc. etc. etc. After getting all pumped up I really believed I could conquer anything I would set my mind on.

I have tried many times to act on my dreams but have been knocked down so many times I have lost count. I truly hate what my life has been. I'm just struggling to survive. Now that I am past my prime please tell me how I can believe I will ever have anything other than what fate has given me. Where can I find the energy, the focus, the drive to achieve something new?

I apologize that it's not just 2 short questions, but that's where I'm at. It's just not connecting this time. How can I believe in dreams once again?

Marylin said...

Hi, Dax:

1. How do I stay focused on my goals if I end up keeping some of them a secret because of a significant other who is very negative and ridiculing? I think I know the answer but I guess I needed a second opinion, Doc. :-)

2. I too have had a Dickensian childhood and was able to overcome a lot of it using only my own inner strength with no support (long story). Having said that, how do I keep from beating myself up when I make a mistake towards one of my steps for a goal or even just keep my get-there-now-itis under control? I know I have the strength and control but sometimes I get a little bit of a war going on - like 1 side is hang in there your almost there, the other - you're too this - too that - not practical - that sort of nonsense.

Thanks a lot Dax for any suggestions.

charlie said...

Dax, thanks so much for sharing your time and insights. My big question is how you create a sustainable life/routines/etc. where you're moving towards your goals without burning out. I've been following your program and "failing forward" but it happens in fits and starts.

Keylan said...

Hey Dax, 1) How do you stay on track when your energy is sapped by illness or injury? 2) How many hours/wk do you spend planning, organizing notes and writing things down before you act? Thanks!

Untagged said...

What do you do when parents restrict you to follow your dreams and goals? (And you can't 'do it anyway', cause you'll get punished and will be allowed to do even less and you can't move out, cause are too young.)

What if school and work come in the way of you being able to follow your schedule?

Jaya said...

1. Why do people resist trusting each other??
2. Aren't we the ones we have been waiting for and if you are going to struggle then why not find some joy in that too??? Just letting things be may often be good??

Kiwi M said...

1. How did you identify/ create/develop contact with the mentors in your life?
2. Knowing your true passion sounds simple however i am really having to sit down and think hard about what my passions really are. Do you find this an unusual statement from someone?

Nils said...

Hi Dax,
I send you these two questions yesterday and repeat them today.

Well, these questions are not directly concerning health, fitness or fat
loss goals, but they stop my Magic 100 goals in the area of being your
successful affiliate.
First question:
I started from scratch writing blogs after first having read your
affiliate instruction. All my old contacts are vanished, how do I find new
Second question:
How do I get people to read my blog?
Hope you have a good answer.

Animalistic said...


Really appreciate your offer here. My questions are:

1) One of my key goals is to create and implement a periodic recurring task list for Magic 100 items that I have achieved and that should be recurring and ultimately habitual in nature. This is to ensure that I don't relapse and end up in the same predicament as I was before I achieved them. It's proving a real nightmare to implement. Any suggestions as to how to systematically approach the implementation of a recurring task list would be greatly appreciated. My biggest questions are around recurring task prioritisation, optimal amount of time spent working on recurring tasks, how to use the recurring task list within the existing Magic 100 framework etc.

2) What is the best approach for choosing Power Questions on a day to day basis. Should you pick your Power Questions and flog them to death day after day until they're achieved or is it best to start each day with a clean sheet? Is there some system / approach / rule of thumb you follow?

Raj B said...

as a vegetarian that doesn't eat fish or eggs (but eats lots of cheese/dairy products) can u provide me with a list of protein foods that will enable me to build muscle without piling on the fat. our personal trainer darren c has mentioned 'warrior milk' but is there an easier substitute such as whey protein from holland & barrett? said...

1. What do I do when one of my goals takes so long that it's using time I had reserved for another goal (when both of them have to be done today)?

2. I recently accomplished the huge goal of switching from Tech. Manager to Full-Time MC! Is it appropriate to ask you to listen to my music and help achieve my goal of getting more fans for my music page?