Thursday, 5 February 2009

Broken Your New Year's Resolutions Already?

I've been a bit thin on the ground recently and not posting to the blog nearly enough as I've been working hard on achieving a number of goals that are going to be tough for me during the remaining 69 days of this current MAGIC Hundred.

I apologise.

I promise I'll update you more : )

Today's post is about what to do when you're off track, when you fall behind with your goals... or fall off them altogether!

You see, I've been getting a bunch of emails lately from people who have told me that despite best intentions they've fallen off of their New Year's resolutions. They've stopped chasing certain goals, they've stopped taking action, they've quit the gym or, well, you name it.

They've stopped (or quit) and already, even at the beginning of February, they've fallen back into the rut they were in before and not sure what to do about it.

Well, here's my answer.

Two words.

Start again.

Look, none of us are perfect, none of us.

Life gets in the way sometimes, you have setbacks, things go wrong and yes, sometimes you get knocked off of your goals for a while.

Case in point, I sustained really bad burns to my foot on New Years Eve in Thailand when a firework hit me.

I had goals to perform 100,000 pushup and run 250km marathon through the Atacama desert in Chile in April. The burns were too bad for me to even BEGIN training until just this week and certainly not running yet.

You could consider these goals dead... but they're not. I've simply 'bumped them up' by booking a later race in June (already booked and paid for) where I'll be running a similar race in the Gobi desert in China instead. The pushups have been temporarily changed for another equally challenging program of exercise that I've just started and I'll start them from scratch in the next MAGIC Hundred I start.

Both goals are still very much alive and both will be pursued in full... just not yet.

But I haven't quit and I haven't procrastinated, right? I gave them new start dates and took action by paying for the race.

The point I'm trying to make here is that you CAN go ahead and achieve great things even when things go wrong for you, but you have to get back up and get started again.

As success teacher Brian Tracy has often quoted "There is only one way to become unstoppable and that is to simply refuse to stop". Makes sense when you think about it! : )

So if you've fallen off your diet, start again.

If you've given up on your training, start again.

If you've already quit on a business, finance or adventure goal... start again!

Not many things in life are 100% dead certain, but this is;

If you DON'T start again, you DEFINITELY won't achieve the goals and live the life you keep promising yourself.

So start again... Today!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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Sheila said...

I only made one resolution, to not get drunk and kiss strangers and so far so good. ;)

But seriously eating right and exercising shouldn't be a resolution it should be a lifestyle.

DaxMoy said...

I agree 100% Sheila, those kind of things SHOULD be lifestyle but for many they're not, right? : )

And well done on the not kissing strangers.

Nasty habit : )


Untagged said...

Well, I don't eat right at all. :P No problem at all though, as long as it's balanced with 'right' food (and enough movement of course). Right? :)

Of course, you can say "just start again" and that is basically what should be done, but as far as I've experienced, the main reasons people stop, are motivation and a too large goal.

Of course setbacks can be discouraging and everything, but if you're motivated enough, that wont stop you.

Making a list of why you (want to) do something when you just started and are still very motivated, really helps! :)
That way, if you think of quitting, you just get that list and remember why you're doing it.
Visualizing helps a lot (thinking about it, looking at pictures or watching videos etc.).

Also, breaking a big goal down into smaller goals/steps works wonders! :)

Myself I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I do have an extremely long list of goals (over 300) and I'm planning to do them all! :)

Marylin said...

Thanks a lot Dax for this post. You are 100% right. I've fallen off on a couple of health and fitness goals but as you put it I didn't stop. I just identified the problem, took care of the problem and moved the date and started again. Sorry to hear about the foot though. I hope you are healing and your back to normal soon. Mine wasn't an unfortunate accident it was an idiot boyfriend who likes to scare the hell out of me in the middle of a workout. So I gave him some rules with a basic take it or leave it attitude, worked on healing my right shoulder and elbow (all thanks to the idiot), re-joined 24 hour fitness gym and started to do my workouts there instead of home. Good luck on your race.