Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rescue Your Resolutions - 5 Steps To Resuscitating Your Goals

In my last post I shared a simple step that you can take to get your goals back on track if you've found that they've been slipping recently.

It was simply this;

Start over. Get Up. Continue.

Many of my readers wrote to me and told me that they loved the simplicity of what I shared. That the idea that they were 'allowed' to do so was an amazing one that would save them a lot of stress and heartache (shame really, that people feel they need permission to go for their goals after they took a 'time out').

But I also got a bunch of email saying that whilst the core of the idea was sound, that it's the very act of getting up and starting again that gives many people the biggest problems.

They wanted guidance.

A strategy if you will on how to rescue resolutions and goals when they've ground to a halt and exactly how to restart.

Fair enough... here you are! : )

1. Get Clear On Why you're Here

Simply put, get clear on what you want, when you want it by and EXACTLY why you want it.

Most of the time we drop our goals because we forget one of these vital ingredients and the excitement, passion and purpose that give us the power to pursue them simply... evaporates.

To counter this, sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down your goals again along with the timeline for their completion. Once you have this on paper ask yourself why you want them. Why you REALLY want them. Be specific NOT vague.

Finally, close your eyes and imagine having achieved the goal. What will it feel like? What will it look like? Again, try to imagine achieving your goal in as much detail as possible and then write down on the paper what you 'see'.

This sounds strange and 'out there' but give it a go and you'll find your excitement and passion for working toward your goal will increase immediately.

2. Stretch Yourself

Once your goals are written down, go back over the list and ask yourself 'am I playing safe? Are my goals too small?'.

Setting goals that are smaller than your true desire is a mistake as they will lack the power to attract you into taking the action required to bring them to life. The truth is, we'll work hard for what we really want but will give up on goals in no time flat if they don't motivate and inspire us.

Think BIG!

You can always break your goals down into smaller sub-goals but don't settle for less than you truly want or you won't get anything.

3. Make Yourself Accountable

Many people keep their goals a secret. They write a list, keep it in their pocket and rarely, if ever, share it with anyone.

Big mistake.

You see, when you share a goal you make it real. When you announce it to others, you not only gain a support structure which, in itself, is a good thing, but you also announce to your subconscious mind that the goal is important and it'll activate the reticular activating system to help you out.

On the other hand, keep your goals a secret and you not only have an easy get-out-of-jail-free-card but your subconscious mind will believe the goal is unimportant too. Double whammy for a failure!

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

The internet is a wonderful thing when you use it right.

There are thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people who, just like you, are struggling to bring their goals to life and who, just like you, could really use some support. They can be found in blogs like this, communities like my www.daxmoy.ning.com site and even forums dedicated to self growth and goal achievement.

Don't you think it makes sense to 'meet' them?

I can tell you this; surrounding yourself with others who are going places and working toward their goals and dreams is one of THE very best ways to keep yourself on track when the going gets tough.

Don't be shy, don't be standoffish, don't think that it's beneath you to share your dreams with strangers. I tell you, a forum full of stranger who support you is 1000,000 time more powerful than a room full of people that don't.

Worth thinking about!

5. Don't Stop!

Once you've set your sights on your goal DO NOT STOP.

Slow down at times if you must but don't stop.

Take an action every single day toward achieving your goals, no matter how small.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu may well be famous for his saying 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' but the unspoken truth that's never addressed is that you only FINISH the journey if you keep on taking those single steps, right?

A single step every day, no matter how small, will eventually and inexorably bring you to your goal.

You see, it's simple isn't it?

Getting back on track and resuscitating your goals (even when they seem dead and gone) is far, far simpler than most people think. It just takes the simple decision to get up, start over and keep moving.

Put these 5 steps into action each and every day for 30 days and you'll be stunned by what you accomplish.

Give it a go!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

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Marylin said...

I love your post on your 5 steps to resuscitating your goals. It's all true and straight to the point. It is important to not only hold yourself accountable but also to surround yourself with like minded people. If you have someone around you that is constantly negative, it just ends up draining you and making it just that much harder for you to accomplish your goals. The accountability factor is important also. Once you announce it out loud, then it gives you just that much more push or energy to go out and accomplish your goal. Thanks again Dax for this gem.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post. I will share it with members of my team as well.