Thursday, 4 October 2007

Are you refusing to sing?

When cellphone salesman Paul Potts from the UK first walked on stage for his audition on 'Britain's Got Talent' (kind of like American Idol, for my U.S readers)and announced that he was going to sing opera, you could almost hear the audience snigger and the rolling of eyeballs amongst the judges was clear to all.

For whatever reason, whether because the subject was opera, or Paul didn't look like a musical superstar or because people had an idea about what was or wasn't possible from someone 'like Paul', you sensed that it was a foregone conclusion that his time in the limelight was going to be short-lived indeed.

Yet, just seconds later, Paul Potts opened his mouth, began to sing and let forth the most beautiful, harmonius notes you could imagine, leaving both audience and judges stunned and crying with the beauty of what he created.

Now, several months later, Paul is being compared with the late, great, Pavarotti and has a successful album, money, TV appearances and a completely new life that he loves.

But it could have been so different.

He could have stayed at the cellphone store.

He could have torn up the application for the show instead of sending it in.

He could have listened to those around him who told him that he'd never get on the show.

He could have refused to walk onto that stage.

He could have looked at the sniggering faces and the rolling eyes and thought 'Not today...'

He could have refused to sing.

But he didn't.

And because he didn't, because he stepped up and sang.... everything is different.

Makes you think doesn't it?

Makes you wonder 'If only I'd stood up an sang when I had the chance...'

The thing is, it's not too late.

You can start right now by standing up and 'singing' your goals to life.

Let Paul Potts show you how...

Dax Moy


Amy said...

Hi Dax, Oh my god. I sitting at my work desk weeping-and that's after the 3rd time watching that clip. How inspiring! Thank you for all YOU do!
AT, Monterey, CA USA

DaxMoy said...

Thanks Amy!

It's amazingly inspiring isn't it?