Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Think of the possibilities!

Have you ever stopped to think of the unlimited possibilities that lie before
you at this moment?

I mean REALLY stopped and thought about how many opportunities are awaiting you
right now, if you'd only take some action and reach for them?

I think that if you really thought about it for even a minute, you'd stun
yourself with the sheer scope of possibility that awaits you.

But the trouble is, that's not how most of us think is it?

Most of us focus, not on the possibilities but on the roadblocks and, in doing
so, commit ourselves to to the very mediocrity that we're trying to escape from
in the first place.

There's always a reason why our idea won't work.

There's always a 'yeah but...'

There's always a 'one day...'

But what if you made TODAY a day of absolute possibility?

What if you committed to just 'playing' with the ideas that have been bouncing
around in that head of yours?

What if?...

Go take a look at www.thepossibilitymovie.com and see what can happen when you
open up to this way of thinking.

Truth, Joy and Love


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