Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What Can You REALLY Achieve With The MAGIC Hundred?

When I first heard about John Goddard's Life List I knew that the key to having an extraordinary life was within my grasp.

It was the simple act of deciding in advance what you wanted, writing it down and taking small steps every single day in the direction of your dreams.

This is what I did and my life has changed amazingly ever since.

That said, by comparison to John Goddard, my own MAGIC Hundred journey is barely beginning.

Check this out!

By the way, notice that when Goddard talks about setting goals, he talks of commitment. He says 'you don't just write it down and let it lie there... you DO it!'

If there ever was a true 'secret' to having your goals come true, that's it don't you think?

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Amy Barzach said...

As the co-founder of the National Center for Boundless Playgrounds, I saw a need for more inclusive communities and created a nonprofit that is effectively addressing this issue/opportunity. Our nonprofit helped our 100th community open its own inclusive playgrounds for children of all abilities this year. I want to be the founder of this wonderful organization and still have time to relax, to play, to celebrate life with my family. Boundless Playgrounds was inspired by the life and death of my young son Jonathan who would have been 12 years old this year. If he has grown up, he might have been like the little girl I saw in a wheelchair at a park sadly watching everyone else play on a playground she couldn't get to or on. Whe a hospice counselor told us it was time to let go and encouraged us to think of something we could do in Jonathan's honor, something we could imagine would make him smile, we thought of that little girl and the idea of Boundless Playgrounds was born. Through my work with Boundless Playgrounds I find myself doing inspiration speeches and workshops for hundreds of people (I LOVE IT!) and mentoring people who are going through life and death issues themselves. I want to do more of this and still suppport the work that Boundless Playgrounds is doing. I really need a wonderful retired CEO who wants to work for karma not big money to join our organization and take it to the next level. For years I have been dreaming about the day when Boundless Playgrounds grew to this point and what a CEO could do to help our nonprofit organization make a bigger difference in children's lives but now that we are finally taking action on a formal search for a CEO, I realize what I thought was everything in the past was not. And in 10 days, I will be at a workshop learning how to be an inspirational speaker. So many people have told me that my presentations inspire them to find their own passion and I love doing this kind of thing but never knew how to take the idea to the next level. The MAGIC Hundred concept really helped me. Thank you. I've misplaced the actual instructions and have been making it up on my own for awhile now but the concept you developed is wonderful and it is making a difference. Thank you. Amy