Saturday, 6 October 2007

Is That REALLY Your Best?

I get a lot of mail from people who tell me that they're disappointed with the results they're getting out of life and that, despite trying everything to get ahead, they're still not living the life they dreamed of.

It always makes me smile a bit when I hear that.

Not because I find their struggles funny, of course, but rather, because what they describe as 'everything' rarely, if ever, is anywhere even near what they could have done to bring their goals to life.

I know, because I've often found myself saying that 'I've done my best' only to find that later, when I really thought about it, there were so many other things I could've done...

...but didn't.

Perhaps you're the same?

Maybe you've gotten into the habit of saying "I've done my best" or "I did everything I could do!" or "There's nothing more I could have done!" and, like so many people, sabotaged your own success in life through giving up on what you want too early because you thought that there was no way to bring your goals to life.

If that is you (and I know it is, because that's all of us at one time or another) then you need to stop and think about what doing your best really means.

It's not quitting when things start to get tough.

It's not giving up because there are obstacles in your way.

It's not doing 'just enough to get by'.

It's not even giving it everything you've got.

That's still not enough.

You see, 'everything you've got' isn't really everything. It's just what you think you're capable of giving.

But that's nowhere near your true limits.

You've always got more than you think you've got.

You've always got a 'reserve tank' with more capacity to do, be and have more.

The trouble is, when you quit too early, you never get to find out just what that capacity is. You believe that what you've been doing is as much as you can possibly do.

It's not.

Dig in.

Dig deep.

If you truly want something in your life then go deep into that 'reserve tank' and find out what your best is really capable of.

Once you do, everything changes.

So, are you REALLY trying your best?

Dax Moy


Pat Rigsby said...

Dax, I've had a very good last couple of weeks - but, as usual, you're motivation is going to help me step the upcoming weeks up even more. Thanks buddy!

DaxMoy said...

My pleasure Pat.

Y'know, the best thing about stepping up is that you really cannot fail to see improvement in your life when you do so.

Well done buddy!

Stephen Cooper said...

Great stuff Dax!

We often remind our clients that they can do so much more, but it's nice to be reminded that we should be taking our own advice.

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