Thursday, 1 January 2009

What Are YOUR 2009 Goals? Think BIG!

Well, 2009 is finally here and, as is customary for me, I’ve built my first MAGIC Hundred to coincide with Jan 1st which means it’ll end on April 10th.

Sounds like a long time doesn’t it? But it’s not, especially with the goals I’ve set myself this time around.

I’ve been thinking VERY big this time - as you’ll see from the list below- and have set many goals that are way outside of my comfort zone, knowledge base or previous experiences.

But that’s the point right? : )

After all, as I’m always saying, if you want new things in your life, you’ve got to DO new things in your life, right?

Or put another way, if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

So, the list is big. Massive even.

But boy, is it inspiring to me even to think about how I’m going to accomplish it!

You’ll notice that each section has some massively challenging goals as well as some more ‘simple’ ones.

In the adventure section I’m talking about flying to the edge of space, doing oxygen assisted freefall jumps, running marathons through deserts and more.

Believe it or not, I’m not an adrenaline junkie in the true sense. I feel fear like anyone else and the thought of some of my adventures both excites me and grips me with fear at the same time.

But I’m doing them because I want to grow as a person and experience more… a lot more!

In the education section I’m looking at learning new skills for my business, my profession and life in general.

Some, like learning to play guitar from a rock or pop star may seem obvious challenges whilst others may seem strange or just silly.

Like reading Roald Dahl children’s books.

I’ve included this in my education section because I’ve decided that certain elements of my life have become too serious, I’ve become to ‘grown up’.

So by reading this great books from my childhood, masterpieces all, I’m hoping to relearn that childhood wonder, excitement and sense of fun that all of us lose throughout our lives.

Only time will tell if my theory is correct, but it certainly won’t hurt, right?

My Health and Fitness goals are all pretty obvious but nevertheless, include some goals that are, even to my ears, are downright crazy. Like 100,000 pushups.

That’s 1000 pushups a day for the duration!

Why did I choose that? I don’t know, it just came to me as a gut feeling, so I trust it and will ‘go for it’ nonetheless.

Likewise my ultradistance marathon of 250km across the Atacama desert in Chile. I don’t even enjoy running! I know, weird huh? : )

My financial goals are MASSIVE!

I’ve never set such aggressive goals for my finances before. I have no precedent for most of them and don’t even know how I’m going to make them happen, I just know that I’ll be taking action on multiple fronts at once and breathing life into ideas I’ve had for ages but done nothing about.

My Relationship goals are all designed to reconnect me with the most important people in my life and show them that I care.

Like most people, I often get caught up with ‘busyness’ and forget to show my family how important they are to me. I’ve taken a lot of action over the last few years to improve this, like regular, long vacations, giving up weekend work and working from home 2 days a week but this round of goals will make a fair impact, I’m sure.

So look, read through the list below and by all means, feel free to share your thoughts about my 100 days of MAGIC.

I hope that, in some small way, they encourage you to think bigger about your own goals and give you the confidence to go for what you really want, rather than settling for the mundane or the ordinary that most people tend to.

The way I see it is that 100 days are going to pass ANYWAY regardless of what goals you do or don’t set, so why not set them big and go for it?

Go on, share your big goals… I dare ya!



2.30,000ft freefall jump
3.Edge of space flight
4.Hot air ballooning
5.Accelerated freefall parachute licence
6.Fly plane COMPLETE
7.Fly helicopter COMPLETE
8.Fly glider
9.Fly microlite
10.Fly hang glider
11.Complete ultra distance marathon
12.Scuba dive
13.Drive Aston martin
14.White Water Raft
15.Complete 3 peaks challenge
16.Wing walk
17.Complete S.A.S ‘long drag’ route
18.Visit the Pyramids in Egypt COMPLETE
19.Visit the Atacama desert in Chile
20.Own a chopper motorcycle - COMPLETE
21.Complete off road driving course
22.Drive a tank


1.Learn guitar from a pop/rock star
2.Earn motorcycle licence
3.Complete degree in metaphysical sciences
4.Earn AFF Licence
5.Learn to climb
6.Earn advanced driver certification
7.Read James and Giant Peach by Roald Dahl COM PLETE
8.Read Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl COMPLETE
9.Read The BFG by Roald Dahl COMPLETE
10.Read Matilda by Roald Dahl- COMPLETE
11.Read The Little Prince By St Exupery
12.Read The Messiah COMPLETE
13.Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull - COMPLETE
14. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - COMPLETE
15.Read A Course In Miracles COMPLETE
16.Read Full Conversations With God Series COMPLETE
17.Read Euripides
18.Read Man’s Search For Meaning - COMPLETE
19.Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho COMPLETE
20.Read Barack Obama books COMPLETE
21.Study Cellular Biology/physiology - COMPLETE
22.Study orthomolecular nutrition COMPLETE
23.Read from The Bible, The Torah, The Koran, the Bhagavad Gita Daily

Health and fitness

1.Complete 100 days of elimination diet COMPLETE
2.Complete 100,000 pushups
3.Complete 10,000 chinups COMPLETE
4.Run ultradistance marathon
5.Sleep by 10.30 5 nights a week COMPLETE
6.Perform POWER Circuit every day for 100 days
7.Deadlift 450lbs COMPLETE
8.Run a mile in under 6 minutes
9.Learn Chi Gung from a master
10.Have amalgam fillings removed and replaced
11.Get Bodyweight to 220lbs COMPLETE
12.Regain 32 inch waist
13.Get bodyfat to single digits (I don’t want to stay here but want to know I can do it)
14.Fast twice a week COMPLETE
15.Meditate daily
16.Get a massage at least once a week
17.Walk through forest 5 times a week
18.See life from the top of a mountain once a month
19.Go swimming once a week


1.Raise £100,000 for Make A Wish Foundation
2.Earn £10,000 from KCA Course - COMPLETE
3.Earn £30,000 from Mentoring Program COMPLETE
4.Earn £30,000 from personal training COMPLETE
5.Earn £30,000 from Islington Studio COMPLETE
6.Earn £10,000 from Potters Bar Studio
7.Earn £50,000 from MAGIC Hundred
8.Earn £30,000 from Look Great Naked Challenge
9.Earn £10,000 from Elimination Diet COMPLETE
10.Earn £20,000 from Personal trainer Elite
11.Earn £10,000 from 4x4 fitness
12.Earn £30,000 from PT Success Retreat
13.Earn £10,000 from affiliates
14.Earn £20,000 from PTSA COMPLETE
15.Earn £25,000 from subscriptions
16.Earn £50,000 from List Guru
17.Purchase buy to let property
18.Donate £20,000 to charities


1.Have dinner out with Deana at least once a week COMPLETE
2.Have family ‘game night’ once a week
3.Take family to movie or theatre twice a month
4.Read to Connor 5 times a week COMPLETE
5.Teach Reece to drive
6.Help Sara with homework once a week (or as needed) COMPLETE
7.Help Kayleigh to find direction
8.Cook family dinner once a week
9.Take whole family out to dinner once a month
10.Call mum twice a week
11.Buy flowers for Deana every week
12.Write thank you letters to all my family
13.Organise and book a ‘surprise’ trip for family
14.Take Sara out for meal alone
15.Contact old friends
16.Finish all ‘odd jobs’ around home (No work outstanding by day 100)
17.Switch off computer by 8pm 3 nights a week
18.Teach Deana martial arts


misscmac said...


WOW! I am loving your 2009 Magic Hundred list!! Some truly great things on there - and all of them are doable! I will have to follow suit and create my own.

Have a prosperous and blessed New Year! Do it BIG!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wicked set of goals Dax, will post mine up on my blog with the link for them tomorrow.

P.S. please don't teach the wife martial arts, she'll be horrible to work with and i bet fammily life wil become interesting....

Kidding aside, here's to everyone's success on here.


Ace said...

I liked the 100000 pushups and 10000 chinups one; its a good idea, I'll start counting my excersises too. Also, "meditate daily" and "fast twice a week" are good ones, although I'll have to change that a bit for myself.

Christopher Warden said...


Awesome goals! Thanks for sharing. My first "Magic 100" has many more goals that are of the "close the multitude of open windows on the desktop" variety, with the financial, adventure, relationship goals sprinkled in. I found it amazing how hard it was to do my first ever list of SPECIFIC goals -- suspending disbelief is difficult! Your goals give me a lot of inspiration and ideas for Magic 100s of the future.

I'm off to complete my first 100. .

Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!


mamadonald said...

Interesting ... almost like a bucket list. I'll have to think about this and then put it on my blog. That's for the insight!

Michael Bach said...

Nice goals
I decided to start my magic 100 again (had another 30 days to go) with it being the start of the year. I think it's a good idea to have a new set of goals for first and last 100 days of the year to get and keep the fires burning respectively.

Do you not have any career goals then?
Quite a few of mine or to do with service

Best wishes for New Year


DaxMoy said...

Hi Mike

Actually, many of mine are career goals buddy, the PTSA, Elimination, KCA, Mentoring, List Guru etc, etc, etc

Also, my goals include raising over 120,000 for charities and strengthening specific family bonds too.

Quite often though, my goals get career heavy so this is more about adventure, fun and relationships.

Dax Moy

Paul D said...

Hi Dax

I see you have bungee at the top of your list, are you coming to New Zealand(where bungee started) to do it?

Paul D said...

Hi Dax,

I see Bungee is at the top of your list. Are you coming to New Zealand(where bungee started) to do it?