Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What's The TRUE Measure Of Success?

"What most fundamentally characterizes the well-adjusted, or highly sane person is not chiefly the particular habits or attitudes that he holds, but rather the deftness with which he modifies them in response to changing circumstances." - Wendell Johnson

What a great quote, huh?

Really makes you think about all those times when you've hoped, wished and dreamed that thing in your life would change for the better and yet prevented the very same from happening by failing to change the way you're approaching life doesn't it?

(Well, it does for me anyway!)

Think about it; how many times in your life have you said to yourself "Things have GOT TO change! I can't live like this anymore!" and then gone right out and done the things you've always done in the exact same way you've always done them?

Come on, be honest!

I bet that for many of you, many of your New Year's resolutions have already given way to your old habits and you're doing things the way you've always done them, right?

Well, you can change all that today you know.

You really can.

And it's simple too.

Just do 1 thing differently to the way you normally do it.

Drive another route home.

Leave work an hour earlier.

Stay an hour later.

Take a day off.

Read a book.

Take the kids to a movie.

Send flowers.

Call your parents.

Look, it really doesn't matter what you do but do it differently and the change begins.

And once it does, wow!

Don't believe me?

Just try changing something in your life today then tell stand back and observe the amazing difference it makes to your life.

You'll be stunned by how the small things lead to big results!

Truth, joy and love


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