Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I have learned...

I was recently asked in another community that I run, what has my experience of life, success and failure taught me so far.

Here's my answer!

Experience has taught me...

...that the person DOING stuff will always outperform the person reading about and studying stuff.

...that excitement isn't enough to guarantee success. We all get excited about our decisions at the start but that soon fades.

...that passion for what you do is an important factor but still doesn't guarantee success. Passions can and do change during your life. Think of all the boyfriends/girlfriends you loved when you were growing up. Think about the sports you loved to play. You were passionate about them then but do you still feel the same way now?

...that PURPOSE is the most important factor in guaranteeing success. If you have a big enough purpose you can and will overcome everything before you.

...that your background (regardless of whether you consider it good or bad) is irrelevant to determining the potential of the person staring at you from the mirror right now. You have in every moment of your life the same potential as everyone else to steer a new course, learn a new skill, start a new project, the only difference between you and the successful people you admire most is that they've already done it.

...that success loves speed.

...that those who limit their actions based upon their current circumstances are likely to remain that way forever.

...that everyone wants an extraordinary life but few are willing to do anything extra to the ordinary actions that most people engage in.

...that the things we fear most can only be overcome by action. Thinking 'what if' changes nothing.

...that you should earn money to live the life you dream of not live to earn money.

...that money is a tool. Use it that way!

...that you can always get back any money you've 'lost' but you can't say the same about time.

...that we are only as valuable in monetary terms as the service we render to others. Want to earn more? Give more service, then more, then more.

...that you can't out-give the universe. Try it and you always get more back... with interest!

...that marketing is nothing more than building relationships.

...that good relationships (including family and friendships) are more important than anything else you could ever acquire in life.

...that telling the truth will make you far happier and more successful than telling lies or exaggerating.

...that if in doubt, you should give more.

..that even when you think you've given everything, you still have more to give. So give it!

...that it's faster and more profitable to learn from others who have already achieved what you want than going it alone.

...that failure is both likely and probable. Deal with it.

...that every failure, even the painful ones, is teaching you something you need to learn. So learn and get to succeeding already!

...that quitting is only failure when you still want the thing you're quitting on. At any other time, quitting is the SMART course of action.

...that true success comes from knowing what you want and then pursuing it without getting caught up in the 'thick of thin things'.

...that you won't realise how good you are at what you do until everybody else has noticed.

...that when you 'make it' some people will love you, some will hate you and the vast majority won't even know you exist. No change from where you are right now really : )

...that everything I've written here could be wrong but, like you, I'm still learning and can re-invent myself tomorrow and make good on my failings : )

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy
The MAGIC Hundred
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P.S - What have YOU learned? : )


juandissimo said...
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juandissimo said...

that "luck" in achieving my goals has a direct corelation with my commitment to reaching those goals.

Case in point: I made a stated goal yesterday of:1) Stopping work on time, so 2) I could make it to my training session and 3) Be home in time to have dinner with my wife. I cut off working about 6:00PM ran some errands (seriously considered skipping the workout at around 7:30PM but went to the gymnasium anyway), finished up another errand for my wife (after my workout), and had a nice dinner with my wife when she got home (around 11:00 PM). I was cleaning up in the kitchen around 11:45 when it dawned on me - I had met my goals. Moreover, my "luck" in achieving my goals - was in direct corelation to my commitment - I had indeed put the pencil down on time, found time to work out, and dined with my wife.

Mike's Creative Fitness said...

Work hard and hard work create the tangible.