Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Will You Be Alright?

Where you gonna be in ten years time?

Will you be happy with the way you've
been living your life?

Will you be alright?

And when you're looking back to now all the years gone by Will there be something that you say That you should have done right in your life?

--Lyrics From 'Ten Years Time' by Gabrielle

I love those lyrics .

They always 'get' me.

They remind me that every single day of my life, the clock's ticking and the time
left to do experience all that I want to be, do and have is getting less.

They remind me that time passes by regardless of how I spend it, so I better spend it well if I want to get to where I say I want to go.

You too.

That's why I really want you to get on board with the MAGIC Hundred program now before the price goes up in, wow - 2 hours!

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I don't want you to pay more than you have to. I really don't. You could use that money toward another goal so don't delay ok?

Get on over to http://www.themagichundred.com/click.htm and
grab your copy before midnight when it turns into a pumpkin - oops, sorry, that's a different story : )

The next 100 days will pass anyway, so why not pass them in hot pursuit of your biggestand best goals?

You know what to do : )

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Truth, joy and love


P.S - As you're reading this I'm 30,000ft in the air flying to Thailand for the 19th
time in 4 years.

I'm running a high-level masterminding group in paradise... I love it when dreams come true : )

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