Sunday, 26 April 2009

The New MAGIC Hundred Is Live!

It's late but it's live!

It's 2.40am and the MAGIC Hundred is now officially
live and online at and I'm over the moon to at last have it in place.

It's been a lot of work to rewrite the program but oh, it was
so worth it!

The new version covers all the material that I really wish I'd put
into the first version 2 years ago like:

==>Why You Need To Stop Using Your Story As An Excuse For Not Having What You Want

==>Behind The Scenes… The Secret Inspiration For The MAGIC Hundred

==>The Truth About Why You Don’t Already Have What You Want

==>Why Most Goal-Setting Programs Fail… And How You Can Avoid Their ‘Fatal Flaws’


==>The Little Known Goal-Killer You MUST Know About If you’re Serious About Becoming Successful

==>How A Famous Abraham Lincoln Quote Can Help You Create The Body Of Your Dreams…
…And Guarantee That All Of Your Other Goals Come True Too!

==>How To Build And Strengthen Your Relationships To Add New Depth And Meaning To Your Life

==>How To Finally Gain The One Thing That’s Keeping You From Having Everything You Want In Life

==>How To Generate All The Cash You Could Ever Want Faster Than Ever Before

==>How To Plug Your Life Back Into The Mains… And Crank Up The Juice!

==>How To Stay On Track, Keep Going And Make Sure Life Doesn’t Get In The Way


All of this is brand new and original content for the rewrite so you're going to be the first to see it.

Of course, you'll also get the audio's and the 100 days on stay-on-track emails that accompany the program as well asa bunch of other materials that I'll be adding to the program each and every week to ensure you get the most out of it and achieve all of your goals.

And yes, you're covered by a 60-day no-hassle guarantee meaning that if you don't rate the program for any reason that you can get a full refund without any argument from me : )

(Personally I'd happily give you 100 days of guarantee but the merchant account I use will only allow 60 days)


If you're serious about getting a copy of the program for yourselfmake sure you pick it up right away as I'm putting the price up at midnight on Tuesday to reflect the new program's extra value.

I wouldn't want you to miss out and pay more than you have to : )

Anyway {!firstname}, it's now 2:55am and I have to get up for workat 6am so I'm off to bed.

I hope you pick up a copy of the program and join me on thechallenge starting tomorrow. It's going to be great fun : )

I'll speak to you in the morning ok?

Truth, joy and love


P.S - Everyone who buys a copy of the programbefore midnight tomorrow will also get a free copy of
Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich with My Compliments...



fitness-siren said...

I just bought it a few hours ago and I can't wait to get started! Thanks for overdelivering by making something great even better.

Simonjonespt said...

Got up an hour earlier this morning so that I could print off and read through the new Magic 100 before I went to work :)

It was DEFINATELY worth the wait (and all the late nights recently Dax!!)'s even more inspirational than the first version.

Bring on the next 100 days!!

Christopher Warden said...


The first Magic 100 was inspirational, full of 'you'. . . and it created action.

It's hard to believe the 2nd edition could be any better, but it is. Who knew 'more heart' could be put into something that you'd already poured your whole heart into previously?

The addition of more personal stories from your journey, and more detailed 'action sections' really makes this Magic 100 incredible. I accomplished 71 goals on my first mission. . . with the framework to set even clearer goals, I will have a great opportunity to surpass that.

You done good, Dax.

Thank you!