Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Slumdog Secrets To Goal Achievement

During last night’s flight to Bangkok I watched the movie everyone’s been talking about recently…

Slumdog Millionaire.

You may have heard about it? : )

Now, I’m not big on reviews for movies. I always teach my family not to make their decisions in life about ANYTHING based on whether others or not like, dislike the movies, books or trips that they want to take.

I always tell them to experience it for themselves and make up their own minds.

Good advice, yes?

Well, I’ve gotta tell you, I can see why everyone was raving about Slumdog. It’s a seriously excellent film… if you watch it for more than entertainment, that is.

Don’t get me wrong, as entertainment it’s still a great movie, but the real value comes from the lesson that the main character teaches throughout the movie.

It’s invaluable in fact.

In case you haven’t seen it, Jamal, the lead character is an orphaned slum kid who grew up on the streets with his brother and did what he needed to do to survive, including thievery and conning the unsuspecting tourist and the like.

The film shows him winning the unlikely 20,000,000 rupees on the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and includes scenes of torture at the hands of the police when they suspect him of winning the sum as part of some great scam.

It seems to them that this uneducated ‘slumdog’ couldn’t possibly know the answers to the show’s toughest questions so he must be cheating yet, as they replay question after question on video he tells the tale of how he came to know the answers to each one.

He learned them through the experience s of actual events that happened to him as he was growing up.

Each event he experienced created an association to some snippet of trivia that the most educated would struggle to remember, yet that this young ghetto boy knew off by heart because he had actually lived the answers.

THERE’S the secret to gaining true knowledge and that’s what I wanted to share today. Read all the books you want. I encourage it fully. It’s important that you do. But nothing, NOTHING in your life becomes true education, true learning without actually experiencing it for yourself.

Until you translate what you see or hear into action of your own, it’s all just information, just data. A series of random numbers and letters on paper. It’s of no real value.

Act on it though and, wow! Everything changes!

Learn one new thing today then bring it to life by acting on it and see for yourself why they say ‘knowledge is power’.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S – You are what you DO!

It doesn't matter how many books you read, youtube videos you watch or even, dare I say it, at some point you have to DO stuff.

Stop watching from the sidelines when you could be playing the game yourself!


Jurgen Wolff said...

You mean we have to DO things? We can't just sit around and wish for things to appear magically? What a disappointment! ;-) Actually, it's a good thing that what we think about doesn't automatically turn into reality--considering how many violent TV shows people watch (and presumably think about), the bodies would be strewn with bodies...

Jurgen Wolff said...

oops, the STREETS would be strewn with bodies...but maybe there'd be so many that even the bodies would be strewn with bodies.

Bryan kavanagh said...

Hey dax

I'm in heathrow waiting on my flight. Reading the magic hundred on the laptop. I used to do that: read everything and take an interest in everything i could . . that's all well and good but you must implement it or as you say it is merely information. Useless information at that! If you 'live' the information/ apply it. Thennits a different story :-)

See you soon dax. I'm on the way!


Jaya said...

Slumdog Millionaire has received accolades for its cinematography and story line and I enjoyed the movie. I am, however, not surprised that it has taken a non-Indian director to bring the story of the slum dwellers of Mumbai to the west as there is no fairness in the world we live. The overall message is that this life is all bout LOVE and we all seek love, joy, peace and harmony wherever we live and whoever we are. How do we get those who are marginalised to motivate themselves and I suggest that we start from where they are at and respect their wish to be where they are at....

Anonymous said...

Good one on goal achievement and it helps a lot.

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