Thursday, 23 April 2009

Stop The Bleeding For Goal Achievement Success

Well, were now just 4 days out from the start of the next MAGIC Hundred 100 day challenge and, whilst the late nights I'm putting in to get it all finished in time are pretty tiring, I must say, I'm really much more excited than tired and REALLY looking forward to getting started : )

In fact, I've been so excited that most nights over the last 10 days or so that I've only been averaging about 4-5 hours sleep... oops!

But hey, that's the price that must be paid for success on this project, right? If I want it to work out the way I want it to, then I simply must pay that price or it won't happen. There's a lesson there...

I guess that's what makes the MAGIC Hundred so effective too. You know EXACTLY how long you'll be playing the game so you know EXACTLY how to manage your time, your energy and your passion for the duration. It's like running a race. If you know at the start that it's 10km then you can set out at the right pace to run the race through to its completion as quick as you're capable of.

If, on the other hand, I simply told you to put your running shoes on, opened the door and shouted 'RUN!' then you wouldn't have a clue what pace to run at, how long you were expected to run for or even, what the purpose of the run was would you?

It would make it very difficult to stay motivated and inspired if you never knew where the finish line was and you'd simply get frustrated, burned out and fed up of the whole thing.

You'd quit.

And that's what MOST people do with their goals.

They set out with a head full of goals and a bunch of excitement and positive thoughts about what they'll accomplish 'this time' yet, in pretty short order they grind to a halt and quit.

The MAGIC Hundred is different though. Because you know the 'race' is being run for just 100 days you can give it your all and, because you are, you get more done faster than ever before. Just knowing the exact date that you'll be crossing the finish line makes a massive difference.

I love the simplicity of this approach! (Yes, I know I'm the author of the program but I can still love it!) : )

In fact, you'll find that the whole of the program is FILLED with six-year-old-simple exercises throughout, meaning that you won't have to worry about trying to figure out a bunch of well meaning yet totally confusing theory and success philosophy and instead just focus on DOING the things that will bring your goals to life.

Good huh? : )

Of course, if you've l already been through the program, you know the power of this but still, with all the new material I've added, I've made it simpler than ever which means you'll be getting your results even faster.

For example, here's just one example of a new little exercise that I've added to the program. It's super-simple yet I've found that for myself and others who I've coached through it has made a difference within days and even hours of going through the process.

Perhaps you'll find the same.

Download my STOP THE BLEEDING Workbook for FREE right here, right now and go through it today. Then post me a comment to let me know how you found it.

I'd love to hear about your experience with it... please! : )

4 Days and counting....

Truth, joy and love


misscmac said...

Hi Dax!

So far I have gone through the one on Bleeding Time. WOW! I see how I can use my time more wisely and get more things done. I hope to finish the other two before I leave for my wedding rehearsal. If not, I will finish after coming back from honeymoon and settling in to my husband's house.

Thanks so much for this, Dax!

Do I need to update my current program before the new Magic Hundred starts??

Nisha said...

I bought my original copy of the m100 back in 2007 and since then I have come a long way in my success!

Just a few of my original goals - to have a baby - I now have an amazing little boy who's 5 months old

To excel in my chosen career path (health coach) - since then have worked with Dax at his studio in London as one of his coaches and now written and produced my own complete health and fitness support system for pregnant mums.

All of this would not have come about without meeting Dax and using the m100 to help me realise my dreams!