Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ready For the Next 100 Days Of Goal Achievement?

You know, today marks day 102 of 2009 meaning that a full MAGIC Hundred cycle has just been completed and another one is about to begin.

How did you do?

Did you go all out and achieve most of your MAGIC Hundred list or did life get in the way, just like it always does?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you here, it's just a question and, like you, I've had my fair share of life getting in the way too. In fact, life got in the way befor midnight on New Year's Eve for me, BEFORE I even started my first MAGIC Hundred of the year!

It's true!

I spent half the day on New Years Eve writing out my MAGIC Hundred list only to be hit by a firework and get myself a pretty nasty full depth burn to my foot. Not great but even more of a pain was the fact that my list was VERY physical this year.

VERY physical!

It involved ultra distance racing across deserts, bungee jumping, performing all manner of weird and wonderful physical acts using my body as a tool and yet, here I was, before my MAGIC Hundred had even begun and ALREADY my goals were in jeopardy.

In fact, as the hundred days went on it became painfully obvious (literally) that many of my goals were not going to happen this time around.

So what did I do?

Well, I'll tell you what I didn't do.

I didn't quit, I didn't consider myself a failure, I didn't think that my goals were over.

I simply re-prioritised.

I pursued those goals that I COULD act upon and, to be quite honest, I've surpassed many that I would never have accomplished if I'd have been pursuing the mainly physical goals I'd set for myself.

I now have 3 new businesses online all making me money, I've got some great trips under my belt and new ones about to take place and I have a great deal of projects that have come to fruition during my MAGIC Hundred journey.

Oh yes, and I also achieved one of my MAJOR adventure goals of visiting the pyramids in Egypt with my family!

And that's only the FIRST hundred days of 2009!

I'm so excited by what the NEXT hundred days will hold, I can tell you!

That's why I'm asking how YOU did.

You see, the great thing about The MAGIC Hundred is that you get to 'play' it over and over and over again, as many times as you want, and each time you get to experience more and more and more of what you want.

And I'm beginning MY next MAGIC Hundred on Monday 27th April, just 15 days away and this time I'm enhancing it in ways I've never shared before with tons of new strategies and systems to help my readers achieve results even faster.

I'm also going to run the entire program as more of a 'challenge' with daily blog updates from all of my readers as they go through the program, providing a kind of accountability and support network for the full 100 days to ensure that we get the kind of results I know are possible from the program.

Wanna play? : )

If you're ALREADY A MAGIC Hundred user then all I'll be sending you an email very shortly with instructions on how to rejoin the next challenge for free.

If you're not, then you'll need to pick up a copy of the full program from my site at to get started on building your lists and entering the challenge.

I can promise you this, the next 100 day challenge will be the most result-producing 100 days of your life... ever! I'm not hyping this up, I mean it.

In fact, if you've already been through the program, I want you to put YOUR feedback into the comments area on this blogpost so that people who are undecided can make up their own minds.

Don't hype it or make stuff up, just let people know what effect the Magic Hundred has had on your life so far. I appreciate it : )

I know you're going to love the program, so make sure you're all signed up and ready to go before the 27th (you can still sign up after then, of course, but you'll have missed the group start which I think will add a completely different dimension to your experience).

Speak again soon!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy


Yavor said...

Hey Dax,

I have completed only 4 goals out of 100, but that is better than nothing. And, am sure I will definitely achieve more than 4 the next time around.

-Yavor said...

Looking forward to the challenge, sounds interesting. I've achieved a lot of little goals, and some huge ones as well, since reading the Magic 100, but the most beneficial thing for me has been taking my goals seriously, and urgently, instead of letting them remain fantasies that I might not ever achieve.

Christopher Warden said...

My first Magic 100 resulted in 71 completed goals. . . many small, but all having a cumulative effect on my personal and professional growth.

There were many reasons why this program helped me, but one of the most significant was that it really helped me to focus. So many days it seems I have loads on my mind - virtual LISTS of things to do - and yet I'll sit down and not know where to start.

With Magic 100, if carrying (and constantly reading) my list didn't help me, my focus on beginning/finishing '3 goals for the day' did -- it's much easier to accomplish tasks when you wake up with a clear vision of EXACTLY what you want to accomplish before heading back to bed!

Looking forward to my second M100 experience -- the lessons learned from the first will definitely help me to be even more effective. . .

NZ Strength and Fitness said...

Geez Dax, do you always get hurt? Last year (i think?) you broke your ribs! Thats part of a life lived by "doing" though I guess.

Looking forward to getting back into using the program and doing the magic hundred challenge for the next chunk of this year


DaxMoy said...

Yup, I have an injury on every part of my body I think : )

Some are just freak accidents and others, I guess, are from pushing hard against my physical and adventure goals : )

ajohnston71 said...

Cant wait for the new challenge Dax.

So far this year have achieved 55 goals, life is good.

Austin Lawrence said...

I got the the Magic 100 as a 30th birthday present and what a present it was! I'd never been so fired up before.
I started mine a couple days before New Years day and in that time I'd managed to finish off all the small niggly things around my home, like finishing the grouting in the bathroom, painting the skirting around the stairs. My wife couldn't believe the change in me and it brought us much closer to each other.
At first I just got all the small things ticked off that were holding me back and this allowed me to complete some of the much bigger goals. I had a blip in the middle when I had a tooth abcess and then the tooth had to be pulled-Ouch! But I kept on going and managed to complete 47 of my goals that I would not have achieved had I not done the Magic 100.


cat said...

Yes - I think a group initiative would work fantastically well - even more accountability (this works for me at least). The first time I did the m100 it was (as I have said before) - almost too powerful. I had to watch myself as all the bigger goals seemed to 'manifest' at the same time (I know that manifesting is not the intention but never the less it seemed to happen that way. A good mix of many smaller and one big one at a time next time please!!!

Guy Jones said...

The M100 has helped me in so many ways since I started it in Jan 2007. I have had a few massive ups and a few massive downs during this period. But when I look back it was merely a meandering circuitous route to where I wana go. I look forward to the relaunch and will be going for it big style!


Daniel Munday said...

I am 7 days away from completing my first Magic Hundred for 2009. I set some pretty lofty goals, most of which are yet to come true but that is the point. If I set all easy goals I wouldn't be pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

I have crossed off some pretty big goals so far though and I have a jam packed 7 days planned to cross off more on my list.

I recommend the magic hundred to anybody who wants to achieve something extraordinary.

It won't happen just by thinking about it but the magic hundred encourages you to take action and put the steps in place.

All my goals may not be crossed off this time around but you can bet i am closer to them then I was 93 days ago

Caroline Radway said...

I completed my first M100 in October last year, and ticked several things off - I launched my ebook, I learnt to kitesurf, we took up fishing (no where near my goal of catching 20 edible fish but we caught and ate 2!).

There were goals I decided over the 100 days that I wasn't actually that bothered about doing, and others that were way out of reach, but as everyone agrees, setting lofty goals is half the point!

So I am definitely up for a group 100...

A few for me to start with: learning to forward loop, getting to 135lb, sticking to a 100% Palaeo diet, getting back to 10 chin ups...

Achieve said...

My last M100 was family focused and I have 4 of the spent the last 5 weekends away walking with friends and family so I'm counting it as successful (the other 1 I was at your studio).

Lots of other things ticked of too, next M100 list is focusing on business.